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I Found My Skull Ring !

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Finally I found my skull ring. I was a little mad over my searching after I had seen those designer skull rings from Thomas Sabo. Have seen few of the Karma Beads Collection designs and the Rebel at Heart collection? Look here about the designs at the jewelry store. 

Skull Designer Jewellery

Right now, it is not in a great condition. It was amidst some messy things and has suffered scratches. How bad. Nobody is to be blamed for my own deeds.

skull finger ring

My only happiness is that I have found it out.

The skull design seems to be very chic. I was wondering how a pair of designer earrings of skull look like would. Exciting.!

skull finger ring

By the way my plan of buying diamond rings I spoke about (read here) is still pending. 2 months gone in the year of 2014. Lets see how long it will take. I love the online store for the variety of rings it gives to choose. A place where you can shop for engagement rings.

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