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Tips To Make A Perfect Coffee

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A chilly morning or a hot sunny one, the day always begins with a hot cup of coffee along with a newspaper.  You can even call it as a drug J, people who sip a hot coffee will crave for it even in the desert.  In fact Coffee is the beverage which is beginning in every corner worldwide.

My husband is so much a coffee lover, he sometimes dreams at the night of drinking it the next morning. Also he is now in a job of spreading the “magic of coffee” towards me, I too am almost now addicted to this beverage.

Hot Coffee

In India the methodology of preparing coffee is a combination of milk and decoction. Amount of milk and the concentration in the decoction depends on the individuals taste. In western countries we can find more of Black coffees.
If you are an Instant Coffee lover then you have no complaints in the coffee, select your favourite brand and shake a spoon full of powder with hot milk and sugar.  But if you go for the decoction ones then please do not simply mix the milk and decoction in a glass and stir them using a spoon. There are few simple tricks to make a coffee better.

How to select a coffee powder?
As you all know Coffee powder is a combination of chicory and coffee seeds. So a perfect ratio of these can serve you a perfect coffee. The coffee powder should always contain 70 percent of coffee seeds and 30 percent of chicory. In the packed coffee powder you will have no option to choose the ratio, so it is always better to buy the powder in the stores who grind them according to your choice. Also the powder should be of medium thickness.

Tips for making coffee better
Do not add sugar to milk, instead add sugar to decoction immediately when it is prepared. This will thicken the decoction too. Now to this decoction add hot milk. Please do not make more of ups and downs, this will reduce the flavour and aroma of coffee.

Do not boil after you have mixed the decoction with milk, this serves you a bad coffee.

If you are using a Steam coffee maker then you will have a standard measure of coffee powder and water which serves you a perfect decoction. But if you using a normal filter , the decoction should contain more of coffee extracts and less of water. Please do not lighten the coffee extracts by adding more of water.  

Store Coffee powder in an air tight box without spilling of moisture and do not refrigerate it.

I follow these steps which serves me a hot aromatic bubbled coffee J. Please share the  tips you know.

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