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Loccitane Verbena Conditioner Review

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Conditioners usually don’t make me happy. Not atleast as happy as this particular one from Loccitane brand has made. Please note, the luxury feel of the high end brand is not the reason that it made me happy. It is the way it performs on my hair.

Loccitane Verbena Conditioner Review

To begin with, I have a travel size bottle right now with me which I am again storing this up for my next traveling. I have already used up one of the bottle (similar one, travel size).

It looks like a green tinted milk cream. The green tint of course represents the lemon flavor. A thick cream which smells exclusively of citrus lemon. It is as though 3 to 4 lemon has been squeezed or crushed into the bottle. The smell is such intense. I like, if you are not too fond of lemon then forget this conditioner. Because this product only speaks of lemon.

The conditioner is extremely smooth and light. Easily applied on hair.

Loccitane Verbena Conditioner Ingredients

I love the fact that it leaves my hair soft and smooth throughout, prevents tangling too. Tangling is the main problem when you are traveling. And this conditioner rocks in the way it keeps my hair tangle free.

A little of the conditioner goes a long way. So, the price, quality, quantity, fragrance, texture; all seems in total sync.

Loccitane Conditioner Verebna

I fully adore this product. And fully recommend this product.

(Do not be of the idea that I am in all praising mood since it is Loccitane. No, I do not like their Verbena Shampoo. Review coming soon!)

For now, go grab this conditioner. Remember it is lemon conditioner.

Conditioner Loccitane Verbena Swatch

Rating: 5/5

Price: Rs. 1280 for 250 ml

Pros of Loccitane Verbena Conditioner:

  • Strong refreshing fragrance of lemon.
  • Smooth and soft feeling hair after using the conditioner.
  • Travel friendly bottle with rubber stopper cap.
  • Prevents hair from tangling.
  • A perfect hair care product while on a rough tour or travelling.

Cons of Loccitane Verbena Conditioner:

  • Price could be a major draw back. But this time it is full value for money product.

Recommendation: Yes. Definitely. For a soft, smooth, tangle free hair and a refreshing lemony fragrance, Loccitane Verebena Conditioner is the choice.

I should have reviewed the Verbena Shampoo first, and then review the conditioner. But spreading the good word is always a better idea. 

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