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Libero Diapers and Pampers Diapers Review

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I have long used Pampers for my baby right from new born to Pampers Large. It had no complaints and it will never have for me. My baby never experienced any rashes or skin allergies or marks.
Alternate for pampers is the one which I never thought off  until I received these Libero diapers as a free pack while shopping Pampers from Firstcry .

Libero Diapers

Libero and Pampers Diapers

Libero Diapers

Price and quantity: Rs 69 for 5diapers

My Experience With Libero Diapers:
Soft whitish blue plastic cover wrapping with claims and directions printed in it.  But like the Pampers, it does not provide you the easy opening. You have to tear it open on your own way.

Libero Large Diapers

The texture is soft and perfect for the baby’s skin. The edges and the wrapping near the baby waist is smooth which does not form any marks or rashes. It stays extra dry all night and has no leaking areas. About its gluing, at the first when you see or touch it you feel it has very poor taping property. But it is a perfect stick and does not snug out.

Libero Large Diapers

The diaper is white in colour with attractive flowers and cartoons printed in the diaper, both front and back side. Your baby gets too excited with these pretty pictures J.

Pampers Diapers:

Price and quantity: Rs 635 for 60 diapers.

My Experience With Pampers Diapers:

Bluish plastic cover which provides an area near the corner for easy opening of the pack. The texture is soft and cotton kind off. It is light weighted to make your baby more comfortable. 

Pampers Large Diapers

The gluing for the wrap is ultimately strong, open and close it any number of times it tends to stick again. I was very happy with its drying property until I used Libero for my baby, Libero is extra dry when compared to Pampers. No baby skin allergies or rashes.

Pampers Large Diapers

Comparision of Libero Diapers and Pampers Diapers
  • The softness of both diapers is equally same .
  • The gluing property is same too.
  • Both are dry and does not form baby skin irregularities but when you touch both together, Libero is more drying.
Recommendation: Quality wise both are healthy for baby’s skin.  Since I have long used Pampers without any complaints I would continue Pampers as it is more economical.

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