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Make Your Own Saree – Another Small Project

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I like saree. The traditional look is always adored. But it is a little difficult managing my things around when I am in saree, this is because of occasional wearing.

design your own saree

My mother, mother-in-law, have always worn saree - day and night, 365 days, round the clock. Even to the college in their days. I can never ever imagine that. I always slip into my comfortable pyjamas!!

But, I never miss any traditional occasion where I get to wear saree. I like silk for the shine it carries. But these days wearing a silk saree is like a dream of next life. I cannot afford to allow my child to make all his messy things on my silk sarees.

stitch your own saree

stitching my own saree

So, when I saw a fabric which is not silk actually , but  had the sheen of a silk material, I could not resist buy in long yards that would turn it into a saree.

Read details on how to make a saree.

It is a simple way of putting your taste and choice together. You will have to know the basics of sewing machine. That is all. Straight stitches and my favourite border is attached to my favourite fabric.

how to design your own saree

how to make a saree

And for blowse, buy a similar looking or matching fabric that will go well with your saree.

When you plan for a saree making project and go about buying the necessary items, make sure you have to buy enough. Else, if the stock gets over at the showroom or shop where you bought them you will have a tough time for the rest of your life.

design saree blowse

saree blowse

The saree I designed here is very simple. You can take inspirations frm any of the beautiful bollywood sarees or any other designer saree to make you own sari, ideas like sewing with lace, sewing ordinary crystals or Swarovski crystals, anything from simple to complex.
I always like to wear brooches along with my saree.

accssories along with saree

how to drape a saree
Hope you enjoyed the idea.

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