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5 New Bath and Shower Gels To Try

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I have some new skin care products to try. 

I once again received these goodies. :P. (Blushing, shame shame on me. :P)

The collection includes body products from Treaclemoon, Alberto Balsam, Original Source, Calvin Klein, Moshi Mosters and The Body Shop.

bath and shower

Treaclemoon is what I am excited about. One Ginger Morning and That Vanilla Moment, how well named bath and shower products. I have never tried any skin product from ginger so far, so a little curious of the fragrance of the bath gel now. Detailed review some time later. I am yet to try.

shower gels

Alberto Balsam shampoo looks too fruity in color. Lets see how it will work on my hair. 

And that Original Source shower gel is a men product. But the dash of blue color is too bright and the fragrance is so strong. It will fill the whole of the bath room and eventually the house too. I don’t think I will spare this men shower too. :P. 

The Body Shop products are always welcome. I again got a tub of Moringa Body Butter. I have already emptied one such tub. Review and pics here.

best bubble bath

3 of Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipsticks. I got 3 now – Flutter, Orange Too and First Kiss. I love the shades from Calvin Klein. 

calvin klein makeup

See the lipstick swatches, there are 5 lipstick swatches here

calvin klein pink lipstick

More lipstick swatches of collections to refer

Moshi Monsters shows tiny little monsters with funny expressions of the package. I am sure we wil have fun with these kid’s bath gels, that too they are colourful. I hope they don’t give any skin allergies or irritations to him. I am trying this out too.

baby bath products

It seems like I have a full right on men’s and kid’s products.  

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