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Pregnancy At 35 - Late pregnancy

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I have included beauty products, Delicious recipes, Jewellery, DIY, babycare tips also few baby products. But how can I miss out "Pregnancy" in "HappiestLadies". The major turning point in a women's life is her “Pregnancy” where her role turns from a “lady” to a “Mother”.  So I made up my mind to include even topics relating Pregnancy and also share my own experience of pregnancy cycle.

india late pregnancy

Being pregnant at any ages gives you happiness, but there are few risk factors to be considered with late pregnancies( after 35years).

Risks of Pregnancy at 35:

Our great  grandmothers were married before maturity because of illiteracy and we are now in a trend of marriage at 30 which is because of high literacy J. Both are equally disadvantageous. Our ancestors had miscarriages because the young uterus immediately after maturity has to grow the foetus and Women of today entertain miscarriages until the uterus tends to be infertile.

Let me point out few risks of pregnancy after 35:
  • Fertility in an older women is reduced while compared to young women, so the success rates in getting conceived  itself becomes a very difficult task.
  • Even when conceived , you will be prone to miscarriages and defective child birth. This is because of the muscles of the older womb does not support as the younger ones.
  • Pregnancy in older women has high risks of blood pressures and diabetes which strongly effects the foetus growth. The child commonly develops autism and obesity along with mental disabilities.  Also the child develops genetic disorders.
  • Complications during the last trimester, like pre mature child birth and blasting out of uterine water is common. It might also lead to the risks of the foetus life.

pregnancy after 35

How to avoid Pregnancy at 35:
  • Avoiding Late Marriages is the only way to avoid Late pregnancy.
    It is true we are all highly qualified and wish to earn our own penny. But that does not mean to forget our family responsibility. There is a right age for every job, prepare your mind for rearing a child at the age of 27 to 29. Please do not consider, delivering a baby is a big block for your work life and leisure.  Continue the way of joy, your office work , your world tours and whatever the life style you have along with the smiles of your young oneJ.  Your baby will ask you nothing, just a pack of cerlac , pampers and baby wipes. Also the IT sectors these days supports “Mom’s” at their fullest.  You can take your baby to the baby centres or crushes to look after while you work or seek help from your elders till your child starts his schooling.
  • Please put a big “Full stop” for “Abortions”.  Abortions may cause damages and effect the fertility.
  • Early Menopause is the major problem in the upcoming days. Pregnancy at menopause is highly risk. Maintain the healthy monthly periods with a healthy routine.

pregnant woman india

My intention is to root into the minds about the complications and life risks of a mother and child due to “Late Pregnancy”.  I hope this post will help all the ladies to re think their idea of delaying child birth.
Please note that this post is for the first pregnancy after 35. The cases may be different if it is second pregnancy after 35 where you have consult your physician.

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