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10 Natural Ways To Protect Your Baby From Mosquito Bite

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Mosquitoes are uninvited guests. That too when we have a baby at home, then mosquitoes are must shoo creatures. What dangers mosquitoes bring with them is a big episode of discussion. Let us leave that part for now.

avoiding mosquito bites for babies

We here are focussing on ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Since, it is the baby’s room we are targeting to keep mosquito-free, we have to be extra careful in choosing our way of repelling mosquitoes.
Those spray bottles loaded with chemicals can never be used in our baby’s room. The repellent sprays are worst than the mosquito themselves.

And don’t even think of those mosquito repellent creams or lotions to be applied on the body. Babies tend to be allergic to a lot of things. And these mosquito repelling lotions are freaking ideas for a mother like me. Why are they there in the market in the first place!! All must ban products.

I have few natural way of getting rid of mosquitoes which I have practised so far. Until my baby was born, I used to use those liquidator machine and refill. Never bothered to try the natural methods. But after the arrival of the infant (now toddler) opinions and ideas change drastically.

Dissolving Camphor

Take half a cup of water. Drop 7 to 8 camphor coins. Let it dissolve in its own pace. No hurry. Place this cup under the crib or bed of the baby. 

camphor natural mosquito repellent

The volatile vapours of the camphor protects the baby from mosquito bites.

Burning Camphor

Burn camphor and spread the burning smoke throughout the house. This strong aroma of the camphor is a natural mosquito repellent. 

avoiding mosquito bites for babies

It drives away all the mosquitoes present if any.

Dried Neem Leaves

Neem leaves are another best remedy for in-house mosquito problem. Dry the neem leaves by exposure to sunlight. I always have stock of dried neem leaves. 

neem leaves insect repellent

Burn the leaves in a small earthern pot and let the burning smoke spread around the house, especially under the cot, crib, near the pile of baby clothes, any other corners in the house. Neem leaves as you all know is a strong disinfectant.

Dried Orange Peels

Also dried orange peels and sweet lime leaves works great in driving away mosquitoes. The method is as same as the dried neem leaves. Let the peels of orange/sweet lime dry in sunlight and store them in a container. Cut them into pieces and light them up with fire for smoke.

Disinfectant Aromatic Oils

Use strong concentrated citronella oil, or pine oil, or eucalyptus oil, or any of the heavily aromatic disinfectant oil. 

protect baby from mosquito bites

Dip a piece of cotton ball heavily in any of the oil, place it in a small open container and place the container close to the baby crib or cradle.

Lemon and Clove

Lemon and clove method is a commonly practiced method for getting rid of the mosquitoes. 

how to prevent mosquito bites for babies
Cut the lemon into halves. Add whole cloves on top of the lemon halves. Keep these 2 together near your baby’s cradle. Replace the lemon and clove every 4-5 days.

Diluted Camphor Water Lotion

Applying diluted camphor water to the exposed portion of the skin in the body serves as a mosquito body cream/lotion. This was suggested to me, but I have never tried this method for the fear of allergic reaction. Please test for skin allergies before you try this method.

Diluted Camphor Water Liquidator Refill:

You know all those liquidator machines that normally works for about 45-50 nights. Fill half of the refill bottle with water and then 2 coins of camphor. Thread its screw cap and fix it into the machine. Plug the machine to the socket and use it the way you used it earlier.

This is your own liquidator refill. This ensures of safe breathing to your baby and you too throughout the night.

Dress in Full Sleeves and Full Pants

Apart from the natural ways of shooing the mosquitoes, always go for full cover night dresses or daily dresses for babies. This helps to a certain extent.

Use Meshes and Nets

Cover your baby’s crib/cradle with thin mosquito nets. Also get your window ventilators wire meshed. This prevents mosquitoes form reaching your baby.

I hope this list of natural ways of repelling mosquitoes was helpful. Do you have any more methods to share? I would be glad to know.

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