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Loccitane Verbena Milk Extra Gentle Soap With Shea Butter Review

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Soaps are essential in every day routine. Multiple uses they serve bath, face wash, hand wash, cleansers; depends on how you want to use them.

Loccitane Verbena Extra Gentle Soap is the best I have found so far. 

Loccitane Verbena Extra Gentle Soap

I always had an idea that soaps will make the skin dry when used on face. But some brands do prove our assumptions and experiences wrong. Loccitane Verbena Soap is too good when it comes to skin. It does not dry the skin at all.

Loccitane Verbena Milk Soap

Locciatne Verbena Soap Review

I have used up one of the similar tiny bar. The earlier bar served my skin well when I was on a tour. It was a great start of every day with this soap. Even at the end of the day, a bath with this milky soap was very relaxing. 

Loccitane Verbena Soap Ingredients

Once I returned from the tour, I put the half used soap up as a hand wash bar near the wash basin. You know how the day is with a tiny tot to take care of; change diaper, clean potty, clean pee, wipe the food mess, clean the milk mess, clean the used up napkin, all this require washing hands frequently. So I did not want to end up with dry hands. Using this Loccitane Extra Gentle Soap seemed like a great idea. So thats how it served me again as a hand wash.

Loccitane Milk Extra Gentle Soap

The fragrance is the common known thing of the Verbena collection. It is lemon smell. If you want a sweet fruit or flower smell then this is not for you. This soap is sour. And I like it because it is very refreshing. I have been a great fan of nimbu pani (lemon juice), so naturally I will like lemon soap.

This product scores full in every feature, but the price is soaring high too along with the other scores.
Loccitane is considered a high end brand with high prices. I wish my hubby starts working for the brand. Or the current company takes up a kind of software service to Loccitane and my hubs get to manage the entire project. Wow, so many samples, so many compliments, so many coupons, wow so many opportunities. :D Ha ha ha..........

Loccitane Verbena Soap

See, the soap. I opened the pack to show you all. I am putting it back after you have seen. :D. I am saving this soap for my next trip. Don’t know when but.... Sigh.

Rating: 4.8/5. As soap it is full on. But I really mind the price. I know that some of you don’t. :P

So, pros and cons. Everything is Pros. Only price is Cons.

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