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Patanjali Henna Powder Review

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I have tried almost all patanjali products, so now it’s the henna powder. I used this henna powder alone and also included in my home made hair colour recipe. The powder is purely natural and contains 11 other herbs. 

Patanjali Henna Powder

Claims of Patanjali Henna powder:
Patanjali Herbal Mehandi has been made from goodness of 11 herbs. It naturally strengthens the hair and condition & color it and it also provides cooling to scalp.

Ingredients: Heena Leaf, Indian Gooseberry fruit, Catechu Bark Skin, Soap Nut Fruit, Indian Neem Leaf, Indian Pennywor Whole, Tea Leaf, False Daisy Whole, Indian Spikenard Whole, Indian Gentian whole, Fenugreek Seed.

Patanjali Henna Powder

Price is very cheap, Rs 35 for 100g.

My experience with Patanjali Henna powder:

Texture: The powder is finest and easy flowing dark green colored like the dried henna leaves.  It easily forms a smooth paste with water.

Nature:  The product directs to soak henna paste in a iron pot overnight. This is because the iron particles gets mixed into the paste which makes hair blackish and stronger.  The paste too turns blackish when soaked in iron pot.

I apply to my scalp and hair ends and leave it to dry for about an hour. Once it dries I rinse it off  with warm water. It helps you to tackle itchy dandruff scalp and split ends. Also promotes healthy hair growth with reduced hair fall and breakage.  No skin allergies and any sought of side effects.

Patanjali Henna Powder

But I felt my hair rough and hay kind off when I used it alone.  I tried applying Patanjali divya hair oil , then the henna pack over it. Rinsing along with the shampoo resulted me silky and conditioned hair. So now whenever I apply the henna to my hairs I oil it first for the best results.

Also I use this henna powder whenever I prepare homemade hair colour. 

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