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Potato Yogurt Recipe

I have shared you 5 minutes recipe of  Uddina hittu with yogurt as a base. Today I have another Yogurt based 5 minutes recipe from the boiled potatoes. It is originated in my native , and usually prepared by Udupi Brahmin community. The taste is spicy with a sourness of yogurt, also potatoes adds a flavour to it. It is eaten with a combination of rice.

Potato Yogurt Recipe

Read on the recipe.

3 to 4 medium boiled potatoes
One cup yogurt
Green chillies
Salt to taste
Sesame , urad dal and oil for seasoning


Pressure cook to boil potatoes.

After the potatoes are cooled , remove the skin of boiled potatoes and smash them using fingers.

Potato Yogurt Recipe

Take a clean bowl and add yogurt, green chillies, Asafoetida, smashed potatoes and salt to taste. Let the salt and green chillies be added in more quantity because just two spoon of it serves a bowl of rice.

Potato Yogurt Recipe

Stir and mix them well , smash the green chillies.

In a small pan heat oil and splitter sesame and urad dal.

 Add the seasoned ingredients to the potato yogurt.

Potato Yogurt Recipe

Serve it with hot rice.

Very easy and less time is consumed. It can be usually prepared when you feel the shortage of rasam prepared.

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