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Homemade Banana Hair Pack To Make Hair Shiny

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Hair is the concern during summer, especially the bad sticky sweaty smell. The sweating problem might take a toll on the well being of the hair.

Here is my trusted homemade hair treatment for damaged hair and it also helps to control dirt build up in the scalp. 

homemade banana hair pack

All ready hair treatment products straight from the kitchen.

Banana, thick creamy yogurt, curry leaves.

Banana for hair

Banana is famous when it comes to hair care and skin care. It is the ultimate ingredient for softening. When used in hair packs and other hair care products, they make the hair strands silky smooth and soft. Banana is an excellent hair conditioner and softener.

banana hair pack

Yogurt for hair:

The lactic acid has great benefits for hair. When yogurt is used on the scalp it reduces the effects of the excess sweat and also acts as a natural hair tonic.

yogurt hair pack

Curry leaves for hair:

Curry leaves are well known for disinfecting property. Using of curry leaves in hair pack helps fight scalp infections and other irritations.

curry leaves hair pack

Hair and scalp problems if any can be usually tackled by organic products.

Preparing Banana Hair Pack for Soft & Smooth Hair:

  • Take half of the ripe banana. If you want more you may add one full large banana. (Discard the peel).
  • Take fresh clean curry leaves.
  • Add banana, curry leaves and yogurt in a blender and blend well to make a medium consistency paste.
  • If needed add freshly squeezed lemon juice.

homemade hair pack

·         Banana hair pack is ready to be used.

Apply this homemade banana hair pack on scalp and hair. Before using the hair pack, make sure you oil your hair well.  Leave for about one hour and shower as usual. It is preferred to use mild organic shampoo.

natural hair pack

This hair pack shows immediate result on the hair. Hair feels soft, smooth and silky

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