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8 Best Baby Essentials

I have reviewed almost all the baby products which I have come across. I have tried to choose the right product from the right brand. Every product may not be the best from all the Baby brands. We have to make a mixture of all brands and choose the best product for baby care.

In this post I have listed the best and most economic baby essentials which have already been reviewed before.  Please take a glance over this post before you go for your baby’s shopping J.

Baby Food

First comes their food. Once your baby is full at his stomach he will never cry and make you too J.
You can either go for the branded Nestle Cerelac which is best in both quality and price from its origin up to date. Or even the home made nutritious Wheat and Ragi Baby Porridge.

Baby Food

Baby Wash

Mild baby body and hair wash which easily cleanses oil and dirt.

Chicco Baby Wash

Baby Oil

Home Made Baby Massage Oil in its purest form.

Home Made Baby Oil

You can even go for Himalaya Baby Oil or the Johnson baby oil. But I have used this Home made baby oil prepared from my mother right from my child’s birth.

Baby Powder

The baby powder after gentle wash or for summer boils.
Himalaya Baby Powder

Baby Cream

The most tender baby cream for your delicate baby’s skin. You have no match for this product.

Johnson's Baby Milk Cream

Baby Spoon

The safest and the hygiene best baby spoons perfect for your tiny mouth.

Mee Mee Bbay Spoons

Baby Diaper

The most drying Baby diapers without any allergies and rashes.

Pampers and Libero Diapers

Baby Tooth Brush

Soft bristled finger brush for the milk teeths and soft gums.

Mastela Baby Finger Brush

My intention of listing out all the reviewed ones is to make all mother’s handy to have a look and choose the best one.

I hope you liked this post J

Till then stay happy!

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