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Moshi Monsters Bath and Shower Gel Juri Review

Moshi Monsters sounded new for me because of its unavailability in India.This Bath and shower gel of Moshi Monsters was a giftfor my son.  I have already listed this product in the article here 5 New Bath and Shower Gels To Try

It comes in a pack of 5 with 5 different flavours. Here I am going to review the Furi flavour.

Moshi Monster Bath and Shower Gel

The bottle only states as a kids shower gel. My son is nearing 2 years so I thought it would be nice try on him. I used it for a week and it worked well too. I liked both the quality and nature of this product and my son had no skin allergies.

When I sat to review to all HappyLadies, I had a view at the brands official website www.moshimonsters.com. I was shocked to find the age limits from 7 to 14 years. Luckily, my son had no reverse effect and also thanks to Moshi Monsters for your mild and delicate product.

Moshi Monster Bath and Shower Gel

My Experience With Moshi Monstesr Bath and Shower Gel:

Package: Round shaped smooth fibrous bottle with an yellow coloured screwing kind of cap. The bottle’s mouth is quite wider and you have to directly pour down the gel. So you always have a chance of more quantity pouring out. Flip cap would have been very much comfortable.

Moshi Monster Bath and Shower Gel

Nature: The gel is mild and is light purple in colour. I feel difficult to pour down each time, so I add few drops of it in a mug filled with little water and prepare a foamy liquid. Later I use it for my son for his wash. Foaming property is awesome; it takes care of even the hard waters.  The dirt and mud easily washes away, also if you give an oil bath the gel cleans the oil without drying the skin.

Moshi Monster Bath and Shower Gel

Fragrance: This Furi flavour has a Fruity scent, my son really enjoyed the smell. He asks each time to smell the bottle while shower :).

Pros of Moshi Monsters Bath and Shower Gel:
  • The major advantage is it did not cause any allergies to my 2 year old even though they claim for children above 7 years to use.  
  • Foams and rinses well.
  • Wonderful fragrance.
  • Removes dirt and oily matters easily in one wash.
Cons of Moshi Monsters Bath and Shower Gel:
  • The packing would have included the flip cap ones.
  • Lack of Availability in India. It is listed in amazon.com , but I am not sure how easy is the shopping and delivery for this product.
Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: best shower gel for kids. Even though the product worked well , right now I want to discontinue its usage as the age limit is too far for my young one.

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