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The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter Review

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The creamy flavoured Body Butters of Body shop is here:  MangoBody Butter, Olive Butters, Moringa Butter.  Now it’s the Cocoa Body Butter Review.

The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter

Claims of the Product:
This super-rich and creamy Body Butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains Community Fair Trade cocoa butter and has a sweet cocoa scent.
·         24-hour hydration
·         Great for very dry skin
·         Sweet cocoa scent


The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter

My Experience With The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter:

Package: Similar to all Body Shop Body Butters, this too has a tub like structure with a screwing cap. The speciality of the Body Shop package, is the cap perfectly sits on the threads and there is no chance of leakage and mess.

The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter

Nature:  The cream is too thick, but when applied it does not feel heavy.  The cream when applied requires rubbing or massaging for a while so that your skin absorbs it; otherwise the cream takes quite long time for penetration. This cream is a perfect moisturiser for very dry skin. Oily skinned people can use this in winters, but summers they make you feel sweaty. The strange property of this cream is even though you feel sweaty, it does not form any greese or oily deposition.

The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter

Texture: Very soft and creamy like butter. It makes skin baby soft.

The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter

Fragrance: It smells of Vanilla, more like a vanilla flavoured ice cream J.

Pros of The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter:
  • Creamy soft texture which hydrates skin.
  • Best suited for dry skin, but does not give a reverse effect to oily skin except for a sweaty feeling.
  • No oily deposits.
  • Sweet vanilla fragrance.
Cons of The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter:
  • Bit heavy for oily skin people, but can be used in winters.
Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: Yes, this is an must product.

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