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Homemade Facial Cleansers

We usually pour thousands of money for facial cosmetics and visit the beauty parlours regularly for cleaning up of skin.  But how much is the result guaranteed? And is it worth? Also the cosmetics how much ever the natural they are claimed at least at the slow run you will find its reverse effect. So according to me the homemade products and the skin care tips carried on from our grandmother’s for both hairs and skin always provide you the best solution. I feel you too agree with meJ.

Here are few known kitchen ingredients which act as a facial cleanser.

Aloe Gel:

Rub your face with aloe gel twice a week. Discard the yellow liquid pouring out at the beginning; it might cause irritations to skin.

ALoe Gel as a Facial Cleanser

Aloe gel has numerous beauty benefits especially for dull and discolored skin. It soothes skin providing nourishment making baby soft. It works well on pigmentation and dark circles.

Gram Flour:`

Instead of using soaps or any face washes for your cleaning your face, use half a spoon of gram flour for washing your face. Add few drops of water to gram flour and rub your face with the thick mixture. Wash out with warm water and pat to dry.

Gram Flour as a Facial Cleanser

This the best natural cleanser or you can say natural face wash. It wipes out dirt and dust and tightens up skin. Also removes excess oil thus preventing acne and reduces black scars.


Add fresh buttermilk to a clean bowl. Take a piece of cotton and dip into the buttermilk.  Rub all over face and neck. Keep dipping when the cotton dries. You will find the dust and tiny dirt particles in the cotton piece.  Change the cotton looking at the point of hygiene.

Buttermilk as a Facial Cleanser

Buttermilk is the best cleanser and also cools your skin. It is a sought of bleaching agent as it contains sourness.

Lemon and Honey:

Mix a spoon honey with a spoonful of lemon juice.  Mix them well and apply to face, leave for 10 minutes and wash out.

Lemon and Honey as a Facial Cleanser

Lemon and honey combination clears all the imperfections like acne and blackheads opening up the pores. Lemon juice also reduces facial hairs and brightens up the skin. And the honey here gives a golden tint to your skin and hydrates greatly.


Take a bowl with 2 spoons of Yogurt and add half spoon of sugar. Rub your face with the mixture in upward directions slowly. Take care of sugar granules; let them not harm your skin.

Yogurt as a Facial Cleanser

This is an best facial scrub for your clean up. The yogurt reduces all the scars and prevents aging. The cream in the yogurt gives a shine to your skin. The sugar for scrubbing acts as an exfoliate cleaning the facial pores.

These are few easy ready homemade tips which hardly requires few minutes of your regular routine.

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