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Skin Care from Mangoes

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Fresh Juicy Mango Season has arrived and we are all too busy in licking the sweetest fruit of the season.  So rich and healthy these fruits are. Every breed of Mango has a different flavor and color, some sweeter and some mixed with sourness.

Mangoes are not only for tongue and tummy; the fruit is very beneficial for our skin.  Mango Face Packs and Scrubs made from mixing few of your kitchen items are very effective.

Skin Care from Mangoes

Mango for Facial Massage: 

Collect the pulp of Mango in a container, add milk cream or butter. Stir them well so that it gets mixed up. Let the consistency be medium. Massage your face and neck in upward and circular motions for half an hour.
As you go on massaging the creamy mixture gets absorbed into skin. Dip more of the quantity for further massaging.

Skin Care from Mangoes

Mango for Facial Scrub:

Mix Mango Juice , Honey and half spoon sugar. Let the sugar granules be smaller. Rub it gently over the face especially nose and chin which are blackhead prone.
The blackheads loses opening the skin pores.   Also this can be rubbed to the joints of hands and legs to get rid of dead skin.

Skin Care from Mangoes

Mango for Facial Mask:

Mix Mango pulp with wheat oats, form a thick consistent paste so that it does not drip out. Apply to face and neck and rinse off with warm water after drying. 
This is a wonderful skin treatment, it works out for drying skin retaining the required moisture. Also the wheat oats are the best exfoliating agents. It also helps in reducing scars and acne.

Skin Care from Mangoes

All the above Massage, scrub and Face Mask results effectively if steaming or vaporizing is followed.

Tips to be remembered while using Mangoes for skin:
  • Peel the greater part of the fruit’s skin especially the front edge to avoid skin irritations or burning sensation.
  • Choose the ripened Mango.
  • You can store the pulp in refrigeration and use when required.
Hope you all liked this DIY!
Take care of your skin in the entire season of Mango and  stay happy with your fresh skin all the year.

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