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Lush Products - Fresh From The Kitchen

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Lush had announced the closure of its business in India back in December 2013. It actually created a roar amongst the loyal fans of the brand in India. 

Lush Store UK

When the products were easily available then I hadn’t actually bothered to pick/stock up enough products. Now, I get excited when I find my friends/cousins who have access to Lush products overseas. 

visit to the lush spa store

Lush store India

lush from the kitchen

lush store USA

I got so overwhelmed when these Lush Spa Store images were shared with me. Sigh! It is just a virtual visit to the store for me too. So, today, what crossed my mind was, it would be even more over whelming if I share the virtual visit to the Lush store with you all.

It seems as though just the pics of the store are spreading the fragrance and aroma around.

lush cosmetics

They have unique concept on their cosmetics too. Wait for the lush cosmetics swatches, coming soon. Their eyeliners are so colorful. I wish I had ordered for their eyeliners too.

Try Me Lush Bars for testing the texture and fragrance.

Lush Massage Bars

Lush Massage Bar Try Me

1. From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Massage Bar
2. Each Peach (Ad Two’s a Pair) Massage Bar
3. Therapy Massage Bar
4. Peace Massage Bar
5. Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar
6. Tender Is The Night Massage Bar
7. Soft Couer Massage Bar
8. Hottie Massage Bar

Lush Tender Is The Night Massage Bar
 Lush Tender Is The Night Massage Bar

Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar
 Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

Lush Hottie Massage Bar
Lush Hottie Massage Bar

lush Soft Coeur Strawberry Peace Massage Bar
 lush Massage Bar - Soft Coeur, Strawberry Feels Forever, Peace

The bath bombs and the bubble bars are fun to use I feel. Dipping yourself in a fruity coloury soapy layer is going to be exciting. But, a busy mom always short of time for everything can never enjoy. 

Lush Karma Bubble Bar
 Lush Karma Bubble Bar

Lush Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub
 Lush Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub

And I can’t imagine using loads of bucket of water for bath or dip myself in. It is tough time with water here in Bangalore.  Bad water business racket, and we are the scape-goats.

Getting back to lush products, their solid perfumes, solid deodorants, solid shampoos, solid conditioners, solid creams and hand cream, all these are something that are must try.

Lush Aromaco Solid Deodorant
Lush Aromaco Solid Deodorant

Lush T'eo Solid Deodorant
 Lush T'eo Solid Deodorant

Lush Tiny Hands Solid Hand Cream
 Lush Tiny Hands Solid Hand Cream

I have a bag of lush goodies now. :P Here are few things in my collection now. The fragrance is really worth the hype. They seem natural, no compromise at all.

Now that is a tempting pic below. It is going to be real fun waiting to show what I have got.
I will be back soon with the list of all that I have got. 

buy lush products

Have you indulged yourself in a lush purchase recently?

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