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Happy Mother’s Day - 2014

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Second Sunday in the month of May is usually celebrated as Mother’s Day in most of the contries. 
 India too follows the same day. This calendar year of 2014 sees May 11th (second Sunday) as Mother’s Day. Different countries follow different dates and day for Mother’s Day. 

Happy Mother's Day 2014

For us, it is the day today.

Often it is said that being a mother is a blessing showered by the Almighty. Motherhood is the best thing that happens in a woman’s life. Babies change the personality of a mother.
I have some more opinion about being a mother. Being a mother myself, these opinions stands completely valid.

It takes a lot of energy to play the role of a mother. Strength and patience is needed in abundance to cope up with the entire unannounced baby schedule. The effort that goes in making a child’s day, or rather even the entire life is enormous.

Now, I know how much energy my mother has spent in shaping my life. The struggles and the efforts could never have been known if I was a son.

So hats off to all the mothers in the world who spend so much of their energy selflessly in bring up their children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mommies.

Happy Mother's Day 2014

Make huge wish lists, make loads of wishes, let they all come true, be happy, spread happiness.  

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