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How To Introduce Colors To Babies

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I remember playing a game of color and crocodile. The tune goes like this;

“Crocodile crocodile which color do you want?” The crocodile wants any one of the colors. If you have that on your dress or hair accessory, you are allowed to cross the river and reach the other bank (oh imaginary ones, ok.) If you don’t have the color with you, then you have to escape from the crocodile. Else, you are made the next crocodile for the game. It was fun.

I don’t know how I learnt to identify colors. But I am trying to teach my kid about the colors.
Here are few ideas on how colors can be introduced to babies.

teaching colors to babies


Books ofcourse teach whole of the world. And babies begin with books too. These baby card bord books do an excellent job in teaching the small learning brain of babies.
As parents we put enough effort to teach new things to our kids. But until the interest arises in them, the teaching is all waste. So, leave them in the heap of their books. They will begin on their own when on a good mood.

Building Blocks

Building block is a powerful toy for children of all age groups. There are so many activities the baby gets involved in with these building blocks.
The color similarities and differences of the blocks will naturally teach them the colour identification.

building blocks baby toys

Other Toys

Usually toys come is bright color combinations. Beginning from the teethers, rattlers, stacking cubes, stacking rings, all come in various bright popping colours. Babies to toddlers, all can be easily introduced to colours with variety of coloured toys and games.

Feeding accessories

The bowls, spoons, plates all can be bought in sets of different colours. When we keep reciting ‘you are eating in green bowl!!’ or ‘your spoon is orange!!’ babies keep grasp the information. One fine day they will begin choosing their own choice of colour bowl for the food they eat.

color bowls babyessentials

Clothes, socks, other accessories

Buying at least 5 pair of socks will do the trick of combining similar colour sock. Or even demanding I want green color sock will soon be the scene of the home. Clothes and other clothing accessories of the babies also help in teaching color.


The fruits babies are introduced to also teach them colors. Just that we have to get them used to the color names. Essential fruits for babies all show great colors. Strawberry, banana, mango, apples, orange all show the exact basic colors for understanding.

The Color of Green

Right now, my kid is in the mono color mode. Every color is green color. Any color is green color. All colors are green color. That is the phase he is in.

I recently read somewhere that children take as much as 3 years at least to pick up the colors correctly. So, pressurized effort should not be made to teach the colors to baby. They will learn on their own. Just keep showing them whenever there is an opportunity. Some babies learn it sooner than the others, no distinctive reasons.

Do not hurry, have patience and give your baby his space for learning.

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