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10 Baby Food To Carry While Travelling

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It is fun travelling. Where we are going does not matter much to us. Not even what we could or couldn’t after we have reached our destination also does not matter much to us. It is just the fun we get in our car drive, long never ending roads and the thrill of rolling the car wheels on and on.
I would like to spend all the year in our car. :P. Sounds super exciting. But that is just not practical.
After our baby was born it was mostly short trips for us. Short trips and day picnics are easy when you are taking your tiny baby along with you. With your baby, the entire baby essentials is to be carried along with you. Diapers, napkins, baby bib, baby clothes, couple of baby toys. Feeding bottles or sippy, and what not. It is tiresome, yet it is fun.
Especially the baby food takes the top position in the list of must carry things. I have never ever tried giving my baby restaurant food.
I always carry food and even finger foods for him to keep him engaged and also fills his stomach. Since I have always tried to maintain a healthy baby food diet, I am a little doubtful about anything apart from homemade baby food.
Here are the best and easy to carry baby food while travelling or on a outdoor picnic with your baby.


Fruits are a carry food for adults too. Thus fruits can definitely help with babies too. Half a banana will fill the tiny baby stomach easily. Apples, banana, mango slices, grapes, oranges, strawberries, all make an excellent carry food.

banana for babies

If you have planned enough, you can make a fruit salad and carry in the containers. You can also consider avocado baby food.

avocado baby food


Dates are very nutritious and one of the choicest finer food for my baby these days. So, dates can easily help the baby when you are travelling.

Make sure you deseed then dates before you hand over the dates to your baby. A constant watch is a must when your baby is given dates for chewing. Small babies who have not yet mastered chewing might be choked.

date palm for babies


Nuts are instant energy booster. Peanuts, almonds, apricots, raisins, dried berries if any, pista nuts, all of these dry fruits are perfect time pass munching food.

Watch your baby until he has finished chewing and eating. Don’t just pop in few nuts in his tiny fists. There is always a risk of choking in babies.

dried fruits for babies


Yogurt is superfood for all. Babies too obtain lot of health benefits from yogurt. From about 12 months and above, I have always given him yogurt. It is a great filler.

One tiny tub of yogurt will cool the stomach and hunger. So, flavoured yogurt is the best choice while travelling according to me. If you can find a sealed yogurt pot t buy, then definitely a must buy baby food.

yogurt for babies


Biscuits are always a tea time company. The plain wheat biscuits are my choice. There are no additional flavours or colors added to the plain original biscuits.

I soften one biscuits with milk. Softened biscuits are easy to be fed. Baby spoons, especially those with soft edges help alot in feeding baby food.

wheat biscuits for babies


If your child has been regular with cornflakes, then this is a perfect snack or lunch too. Little milk and cornflakes in a bowl will make an excellent food while travelling. You can even add some fruits pieces of your choice.

cornflakes for babies

Boiled Vegetables

This is something I always do when on a planned trip. I chop the vegetables the previous day and refrigerate. The next day I pressure cook the vegetables with little salt. Drain if any water is still there even after cooking.

vegetables finger food for babies

A box of boiled vegetables is always relaxing and good baby foods. It will help even toddlers. Optionally you may add non-flavoured yogurt to the boiled vegetables just before eating.


Porridges are the best baby food recipes. Making homemade porridges and carrying along is possible when you have sufficient time permit before leaving out. I do this whenever possible.

Cook the home made baby porridge and transfer it into a flask. Don’t forget to take a wide mouthed bowl to feed your baby later. Since it has been carried in the flask, it is warm.


This cannot be carried for long trips. It is a good option when you know that you will be feeding your baby the porridge in few hours. Prolonged storing of porridges in flask is not good. Hygiene and health concerns comes into consideration here.

baby food recipes 6 months

Read 2 of the best baby food recipes 6 months here and here.

Instant Baby Food Mixes:

This is super easy and best option for many mothers. But for me, this the last option. I do carry little supply of instant baby food mix powder. Choose one of the best baby food brands.
Add half cup warm water in a bowl, and mix the instant mix. Your baby pap food is ready.

Milk (Formula or Cow)

Milk is always a soother for babies. Whichever is in your routine, carry your baby’s feeding bottle and milk accordingly. There are many baby formula brands that offer instant mixing products. Babies take time to adjust to cow milk.

This was my list of baby food while traveling according to the baby food feeding chart I have made on my own. These will not even disturb your baby food feeding schedule.

Is there anything more you carry for your baby?

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