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5 Best Dosa Recipes You Should Know

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Dosa is a very unique item among all the Indian tastes. They are fit for morning breakfast, or brunch time, even during evening snack time, and a good choice during dinner too. 

It is filler for everybody at home. Get ready as much batter you want at it will serve everyone’s hunger.

When you have guests at home, the choicest menu is hot dosas and a cup of hot coffee.

5 best dosa recipes

Guests happy, means host also happy. (Goes well with the motto of Happiest Ladies too).

Here are 5 dosa recipes which will make your guest/visitor happy and easy for you to serve too. This is a good snack recipe for kids too. You can easily consider these pancakes as healthy kids recipes.

1. Beaten Rice Rotti Dosa

This is very simple recipe. The main base of the batter is formed by mixing equal quantity of beaten rice powder and rice flour. This turns out to be a soft fluffy pancake which everybody from kids to elders of all age can enjoy.

2. Maida-Rava Instant Dosa in 5 minutes

As the name indicates, maida and rava together makes a thin crispy dosa. In just 5 minutes, this means the pancake batter can be prepared instantly.

3. Urad Dal And Rice Soft Plain Dosa 

The main course dosa served everywhere in India. The famous Urad dal recipe of dosa.

4. Jackfruit Dosa 

This of course is seasonal. Only when it is the season of Jackfruits, jackfruit dosa can be served. This is best when combined with the Indian mango pickle. This is a must know dosa recipe.

5. South Indian Bread Fruit Dosa 

Breadfruit dosa is yet another taste. The batter here is very unique in taste with a combination of tangy, sweet, spicy tastes.

Hope you enjoyed this list of variety of dosa recipes.

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