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Colors Of Spring

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It is summer, never ending heat. This is the time where all natural skin care products are put into lot of use just to keep our skin free of sweat and oily skin care too. A lot of effort is put into getting rid of body odour. Natural organic skin care products that help in cooling the skin seems to be glorified in this season for us.

I get to see the uninvited acnes too. Skin care for acne becomes the real challenge.

But, elsewhere in the world, it is SPRING ! 

colorful spring garden

Not that the skin need not be cared if it is spring! Of course spring season demands skin care procedures too. Beauty skin care products are in demand throughout the year and through all the seasons, but the type of beauty products vary.

I have never experienced spring or the harsh winter. Have you? All of you somewhere in the northern parts of India do get to see some spring I believe.

But for here in the south, there is nothing shedding and blooming into colorful flowers or leaves, nothing to be delighted about spring fashion, or spring colours. 

When these spring colourful photos were shared with me (by someone who is enjoying spring elsewhere in the cold world), I got so delighted. All the colors made me happy. 

Happy is what we want everything to be here on Happiest Ladies.

flowers of spring

So, it just struck to me why not share these colors with you all. I have however not been really regular with the posts here this month. 

So, hoping this colourful post will bring me back to my schedule. Enjoy the colours of the spring.

spring flowers 1
spring flowers 2

spring flowers 3

spring flowers 4

spring flowers 5

spring flowers 6

spring flowers 7

spring flowers 8

spring flowers 9

spring flowers 10

spring flowers 11

spring flowers 12

spring leaves 1

spring leaves 2

spring leaves 3

spring leaves 4

spring leaves 5

spring leaves 6

spring leaves 8

spring leaves 8

For now, these colors have relived my mood amidst the heat and sweat. 

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