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2 Vaadi Herbals Facial Bar Review- Kesar Chandan and Mix Fruit

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Vaadi Herbals Facial Bar

Claims of Vaadi Kesar Chandan With Orange Peel Facial Bar:
Enriched with the goodness of Kesar, Chandan & Orange Peel, this specialized Facial Soap deep cleanses your skin and removes pimples & pigmentation marks. The Fruit Actives impart glow & keep your facial skin healthy & lustrous.

Vaadi Mix Fruit with lemon and peach.jpg

Sandal Oil (Chandan), Saffron, Orange Peel

Price and Quantity: Rs 30 for 25g.A pack of 8 bars costs Rs.300 on pepperfry.com. They are also available on flipkart.com

My Experience With Vaadi Kesar Chandan With Orange Peel Facial Bar:
Cube shaped facial bar whose size is exactly of your fist. It is transparent and pure orange or peach in color; the bar appears more like a child’s toffee or any mango flavored sweets.  It has a hard paper cover with a plastic wrapping from within. 

The soap foams well with water and easy to rinse away. It has a mild fragrance and the color of the facial bar lightens as used. It soothes skin and makes supple, no drying off.   Moisturizers and lotions are not mandatory. But in case of scars and pimples, they work very poor.

Vaadi Mix Fruit Facial Bar

You might feel Rs 30 is very cheap, but for 25g it is pricey. If used as a facial bar it comes for just 10 days.

Claims of Vaadi Mix Fruit With Lemon and Peach Extracts:
Enriched with the goodness of Lemon, Green Apple, Peach & Orange, this specialized Facial Bar improves Skin Complexion and reduces dark patches. The active Vitamins & Minerals in the Fruits remove skin Blemishes & Blackheads and make your skin soft and supple.

Vaadi Kesar Chandan With orange peel

Lemon, Green Apple, Peach, Orange

Price and Quantity: Rs 30 for 25g.

My experience With Vaadi Mix Fruit With Lemon and Peach Extracts:
The look of the facial bar is similar to the Kesar Chandan except for the colour, this is a mixture of orange and brown, rest all is same.  The nature too resembles, both the facial bar soothes and makes skin slippery without any drying. Also the ingredients list of pure nature extracts.

Vaadi Kesar Chandan Facial Bar

The availability of these soaps is an issue. It can be shopped online.

Rating: 3/5

Vaadi Herbals Facial Bars

Recommendation: Both flavors of Vaadi facial Bar Makes skin soft and supple, but they have poor effect on the imperfections of your skin. If you have a clear complexion then you can go for it. 

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