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6 Simple Skin Care Tips For Summer

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Summer is at its peak now. And everything is so very sweating. The sweat and the heat is making hair, skin and mood look dull and tired.

summer skin care

There is a constant demand to take care of skin and hair to cope up with this season of summer.
Here are few simple skin care tips for summer I follow to help myself.

Hydrate by drinking water

The rate at which body sweats, we need to drink water at the same rate to keep ourselves hydrated. Drink plenty of water. This is the key to cope with summer.

skin hydration in summer.JPG

Drink tender coconut water to keep the body cool. Intake of lots of fluid will help very much.

Eat fresh

A slight modification in the diet chart is also needed for the hot season. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables are a staple for all the seasons.

fresh fruits for healthy skin

Light moisturizing baby oil

Summers make everything sweaty and literally melts down everything. Many who feel they have dry skin otherwise find themselves with oily skin during summer. But using mild moisturizer is really necessary be it any season and any skin type.

fresh fruits for healthy skin

Light thin oil helps in removing the greasy sweat from the skin. It also helps in lifting up the summer dirt from the skin.

No crisps, no spice and no junk

Oily crispy chips, wafers, deep fried items are the worst enemies of the skin, especially during summer.

avoid oily food in summer

It is hard resisting these entertaining eateries. But a must avoid items of the season. They add more trouble to the healthy being of the skin.

Magic of yogurt

Natural skincare products like yogurt makes a lot of difference. Yogurt is a coolant, a skin toner, a great source of lactic acid. All these features in yogurt makes it best suited for a hot sunny summer day.

Add yogurt in your food intake. Make salad by mixing fresh vegetables and a large bowl of yogurt. This is never boring and also tastes great.

yogurt for skin care

For skin, take a spoon full of cold yogurt and massage on face and neck. Leave for few minutes until dries and wash off.


Shower is the only remedy to wash the sweat. Mildly warm water is recommended for bath/shower at least twice a day in this season. This can keep the prickly heat boils from the skin away.

Apart from showering, splash water to the face at intervals. This will keep the skin cool and alive. Go for organic skincare products. They really help.

frequent shower in summer

How have you been managing the heat? What skincare tips do you have to share?

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