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Home Remedies For Prickly Heat

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Everything seems to be dry and lifeless in this hot temperature, that too in a city like Bangalore, we even face the scarcity of water. Moreover the prickly heats or the summer boils are unbearable. A step out of your home gives birth to small red rashes over your hands and neck. In case of young babies the rashes turns into infection filled boils of pus which are painful.

Home Remedies for prickly heat

Yes, there are lots of sunscreens , but every cosmetic limits against the nature. Here I have few home remedies which if followed in the entire season tackles the Prickly heat.

Sandal wood Paste:

Prepare a paste of sandalwood by sliding the wood over a rough surface or a clean stone by adding milk or water. 

I had already shared an post regarding sandalwood long back, here.

Home Remedies for prickly heat

Apply this paste to hands , neck or sun rashes prone area. Do this the entire summer before going to bed.  You need not wipe it out, it will dissolve into your skin or fall off when you wake the next day.
If suppose you do not own the original sandalwood, then go for any branded sandalwood powder.  Do not go for any local brands as they might cause infections and more burns to the prickly heats.

Rice water:

I got this wonderful remedy from my grandparents. The whitish water obtained while cleaning the rice is the best medicine for prickly heats.

Home Remedies for prickly heat

As the rice might contain dust and dirt, discard the water obtained while cleaning rice for the first time. For the second wash , collect it in a clean bowl and apply to your entire body before bath. Leave it for 15minutes, it might smell awkward but it vanishes after your shower.

Prickly Heat Powder:
While choosing the Prickly Heat powders available in market, do not buy the one’s which gives a cooling effect instead go for the one’s which reduces the sweat content.  There are lot many medicated powders prescribed by the physicians.

Home Remedies for prickly heat

Home Remedies for prickly heat

Shalom , the  Powder directed by my general Doctor. It is a Homeopathic Powder which works the best on summer boils.

These remedies and the medicated powder can be used on babies too.

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