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6 Easy Hair Style For Summer

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Summer, summer, summer…..so damn hot it is. That too accompanied with so much sweat and irritation. I hate the body odour that seems to be a problem by default during summer.

With medium to long hair, it is going to be difficult to enjoy the summer. Leaving the hair loose open or a tying a half pony is never a good idea in this scorching heat.

Either cut your hair completely short or go for hair up-do styles. These two can save you to some extent.

Here is a collection of simple hairstyles fit for summer. These will give you some level of comfort from the heat. These easy hairstyles also assures that you need not go for a hair cut if you do not want to.

Messy hair bun:

Messy is also a style. Yes!!! I have known this for quite a long time now. I was never messy with my hair earlier. But with the arrival of a baby, I got to know that messy looks nice too. :P. This hardly takes any time. Just wrap up everything into a bun. It is messy naturally. Add any accessories if you wish to.

Messy Hair Bun for summer

Bun with some front hair side pinned:

This is very trendy to sport. Before you make a bun, separate a small portion of the hair near the forehead, and don’t add it to the bun. Once you have made the bun, comb the front hair sideways and pin with your favourite accessory.

side pinned summer hairstyle

Large doughnut bun:

Doughnut buns are classic style for all seasons. It is one of the favourite hairstyle for brides too. Perfect hairstyle for summer too.

doughnut hair bun for summer
Make a high pony; add a doughnut bun ring to the pony. Make your hair fall around the ring by bending forward and then strap the hair around the bun with a rubber band. Wrap around the remaining hair around the bun. :P I hope I made some sense in explaining the doughnut bun style. :P

Loop high knot:

This is as good as messy hair bun. No expertise needed to make a loop. When you are twisting your hair into a bun, just pull out the hair to continue to make a small loop.

loop bun summer hairstyle
Very easy and looks unique.

Colour bun:

Hair colours are not restricted to winters or springs. Colors are welcome into the summer heat too. When the heat makes you look dull and tired, colors add up to make the mood happy.

hair color summer bun
Enjoy colouring the hair and make your favourite bun.

Low pony loop:

Tie up your hair into a pony. With the last twist of your rubber band, let the hair remain tucked in inside the rubber band. A messy loop looks even more stylish.

loop pony hairstyle for  summer

So, what are your hairstyles for this hot scorching summer?
Mine is usually a super messy bun.

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