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Soap Nuts : A Natural Hair Cleanser

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Soap nuts  or “Reetha” is the best hair treatment, we can find it as an ingredient in almost every natural shampoos. These are small round seeds easily grown in our country. I have this huge tree grown in my In-laws where I collect these and store them. Storing is very simple, just keep them dry and it remains intact for months together.

Soap nuts for hair washing.

The Home made hair cleanser prepared from these soap nuts are easy and a medication for unhealthy hairs.

How to Use Soap Nuts as a Hair Cleanser?

Wash and clean soap nuts in warm water.

Take a small bowl with one cup of water. Add 5 to 6 soap nuts and boil till the water reduces to half.
You can find the bubbles and water turns to be brownish. The soap nut water is ready.

how to use soap nuts for washing hair.jpg

Now to the oily wet hair, rub this water and also to the hair roots. Since its 100% natural you will have very little foam while compared to shampoo and has no fragrance. But the scent of the soap nuts lingers to your hair which is different and non irritating.

After rubbing your hair gently with soap nut extracts, wash out with warm water. Even though it has less foam, you require quite lot of water to rinse out. You can repeat the process twice or thrice depending on the amount of oil you have applied.


·         Hair strengths and grows thicker with reduced hair fall.

·        You will have no traces of dandruff , itchy scalp and split ends.

·        Purely natural and chemical free.

You can even make equal combination of soap nuts, shikakai and dry gooseberry extracts and prepare their water extracts in the same way for hair wash.  This provides you both shampoo and conditioner.

soapnut shampoo

After reading the entire post you might feel such a messy hair cleanser, Yes I agree with you. I too feel the same. But you will be loving your hair after your hair wash with this DIY 

The soap nuts after using as a shampoo are not at all a waste. You can use it to clean the jewels which I have already posted long back here.

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