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Loccitane Verbena Shampoo Review

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Before I start blabbering, I am saying this right away. I do not like this shampoo. So, that concludes all the so called high end brands and luxury products which costs thousands of Indian Rupees, are all not good. 

Verbena Shampoo Loccitane

Now, if you still want to know why I don’t like this Verbena Shampoo, then proceed reading the review. You never know, you might like it after you have given a trial shot of this shampoo. Personal opinions differs you see.

Oiling before shampoo:
I have this habit of oiling my hair root, whole of scalp, hair strands and even hair tips very heavily. I leave the oil at least for about 4 hours (or even more) before washing.

How the shampoo works on my hair:
My heavy oiling routine does not make the shampoo suitable. It does not cleanse off the oil easily fully, thus leaving me with the feeling that the dirt and grime is also not cleansed properly. Hair feels limp even after hair wash and dried.

Loccitane Verbena Shampoo review

Several washes are needed for removing the applied oil which means I will end up using loads of shampoo during my hair wash. This is not a good choice for me taking into consideration the price of the shampoo.

Loccitane Verbena Shampoo Ingredients

It lathers well enough though. And smells really great. Verbena is the same strong citrus lemony fragrance. It smells a little bitter and a little sour.

Price: INR 1280 for 250 ml

Rating: 3/5

Loccitane Verbena Shampoo swatch

Pros of Loccitane Verbena Shampoo:

  • Good sturdy package that is leak free, hence fit for travelling purpose.
  • Refreshing lemon fragrance.
  • Lathers well.
  • Gel like clear shampoo.

Cons of Loccitane Verbena Shampoo:

  • Does not cleanse the applied oil completely.
  • Hair feels limp after shower.
  • Lot of shampoo is needed for hair wash.
  • Very expensive.
  • Not a worth product for the price that is paid.

Recommendation: No. Although I recommended the Verbena Conditioner, I do not suggest buying this Verbena Shampoo. Both work totally opposite on my hair.

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