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Loccitane Verbena Shower Gel Review

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I am bored of saying this again and again; “fresh lemon squeezed in the bottle”. But I have no other go. Loccitane Verbena Collection is all about lemony fragrance. It seems like the review of these Loccitane Verbena products will make me empty the bottles. 

Loccitane Verbena Shower Gel

I had refrained myself from using these tiny packs, if at all I needed them when I am travelling. Now, it is the change in plan. I am using it all up. :P. This smells so great. And it is so perfect for this sweating summer. 

Citrus fragrance is the major attraction of this range. The fresh feel when you are really tired of everything around you is what makes this range special.

Loccitane Shower Gel Verbena

The gel bath product is good on the skin. It fills the bathroom with freshness and fragrance. It is easy to rinse too. 

I am waiting to grab a lemony body lotion from them. 

Loccitane Verbena Shower Gel Ingredients

I hate the price tag though. So steep! But then how does it shows itself as a luxury high end brand product. So, compromise if you want to enjoy the luxury.

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Rs.1190 for 250 ml

Loccitane Verbena Shower Gel swatch

Pros of Loccitane Verbena Shower Gel:

  • Fresh smelling lemon shower gel.
  • Gives a relaxed feel after the bath.
  • Easy carrying bottle package.
  • Gel consistency.
  • Easy to rinse shower gel.

Cons of Loccitane Verbena Shower Gel:

  • The price may be.
  • The smell is full of lemon. If you don’t like lemons then don’t try this range.

Recommendation: Yes! If you have no issues with the citrus burst smell, then you will definitely enjoy this shower.

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