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Mango Coconut Gravy Recipe

In South of Karnataka Mangoes are eaten in different forms. The fruit is eaten alone or the fruit shakes or even the fruit is used in preparations of rasams and side dishes. People even chop sour ripe mangoes and dry them in sun to powder it. This dry mango powder is used in the masala for evening snacks or chats.

Mango Coconut Gravy

This mango coconut gravy is very simple and is served with hot rice. Sweet and sour mangoes are preferable.

2 or 3 medium sized sweet and sour mangoes.
One cup Grated coconuts
Red chillies
Half Spoon Sesame
Curry leaves
Half cup jagerry
Salt to taste.


Peel mangoes and collect them in a vessel. Smash the mangoes , you can even keep the seeds. It adds taste to the gravy.

Mango Coconut Gravy Recipe

Now in a mixer jar collect grated coconuts, half spoon sesame, red chilly, curry leaves and jagerry. Grind them to paste.

Mango Coconut Gravy Recipe

Now add this grinded masala to the vessel and stir well. Add salt to taste.

Mango Coconut Gravy is ready.

Mango Coconut Gravy Recipe

You can increase the spice and sweet depending upon your taste.

Hope You liked the taste of Mango Dish!

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