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Floral Prints For Spring Summer 2014

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Fashion is a never ending process. New fashion, old fashion hot fashion trends all drive the fashionistas crazy and everything seems exciting.

Spring and summer are always associated with flowers since the seasons are so. Colorful, everything bright and vibrant to look and feel.

spring summer floral pattern fashion 2014

The floral designs always add a lot of effects to the mood.

The designer clothers, accessories with all bold floral patterns makes heads turn for the fashion statement you are carrying.

The prints are in lot of variety. Big floral prints, Small floral orints, Mixed colored floral patterns, Single colored flower pattern designs, Deleicate florals, vibrant colored florals, mismatched floral 
patterns, all sorts of fashion to experiment.

Some styles of floral pattern that is highly in trend have been caught in the camera at the fashion streets.

Floral Tops & Pants

Comfortable tops or pants are always in demand. Dark coloured floral prints or mixed florals are always the trend setters.

floral tops & pants

Floral Blazer

Blazers make the wearer look very stylish and chic. 

floral pattern blazer

Floral Coats

Coats give the cozy feel. And when accompanied with flower prints that add much to the style factor of the season.

floral overcoat

Floral Skirts

Full length skirts, miniskirts, midi skirts, short skirts, knee length skirts all define great fashion sense in anybody’s wardrobe. When these are packed in floral prints they definitely cheer up the day-to-day mood.

floral pattern summer skirts

Floral Accessories/Necklace/ Bangles/Braceletes/Rings

Accessories come hand-in-hand with the floral outfits. The statement necklaces on a wide neck, or v-neck or even high neck outfits are a trend setter.

floral accessories

Chunky bracelets or bangles or rings are always the eye catchers. 

floral bracelet

Floral Bags/ Purse

All accessories with garden motifs add to the cheerful mood. Back packs, cluthches, hand purses cannot be left behind.

floral bags

Floral Shoes

Foot wear always plays a major role in any outfit. The top-to-bottom fashion would involve major credit to the footwear. The season calls for floral prints or flowers to be attached near the ankle or at the peep toe position.

floral prints footwear

Floral Patterns Fashion Wear at the Designer Stores

The fashion wears at Zara are the prevailing ones. Floral prints have not escaped from this designer as well.

zara store spring summer fashion 2014

Next wear house too has a collection of their own floral summer & spring fashion wears, for kids too.

next store spring summer floral patterns

It is not just floral patterns that revolve in this season. The lively colourful butterflies, sparrows, leaves and tendrils are also the trend of the season.

butterfly print summer fashion

summer butterfly & floral prints

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