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Banjara’s Fresh Fruit Face Pack Review

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This is my first product from this Brand. Long back during my school days I had used it Aloe gel. There are many different flavours of Face pack, my choice was the fruit pack, thinking it’s the best of all.

Banjara’s Fresh Fruit Face Pack

Claims of the Banjara’s Fresh Fruit Face Pack:
Banjaras Fresh Fruit pack refines the skin texture. It firms up the pores and maintains the required skin balance and gives it a natural glow with fresh look.

Banjara’s Fresh Fruit Face Pack

Ingredients: Apple Oil , Pine apple Oil,  AcerolaGrape Oil.

Price and Quantity: Rs 85 for 100g

Shelf Life: 3 years

My Experience With Banjara’s Fresh Fruit Face Pack:

Package: A paper box with claims and directions written. Within the paper box you can find the face pack powder sealed in a plastic covering. Really messy pack, you have tear open the plastic cover which becomes very difficult for the storage.  There are chances of falling off of the powder also moisture content may mix up.

Banjara’s Fresh Fruit Face Pack

Nature:  The Face Pack powder has a smooth texture but is dusty.  Using twice a week brighten up the complexion and also tightens up the skin. It makes me feel like a Fullers Earth (multani mitti ), even its fragrance resembles the same.  It claims to be Fruity Face Pack, but it does not smell of any fruits.

I usually use this face pack after massaging my face with Massage oil or creams so that the skin retains moisture. Otherwise my skin feels bit drying when used directly. 

Banjara’s Fresh Fruit Face Pack

It directs to use along with Rose water, I sometimes use it along with milk.

Pros of Banjara’s Fresh Fruit Face Pack:
  • Available in all stores and online shops.
  • No side effects
  • Economical
  • Makes skin firm and bright.
Cons of Banjara’s Fresh Fruit Face Pack:
  • The powder is dusty.
  • Uncomfortable packing.
  • Dries skin
Rating: 3/5

Recommendation: No, not a great product.

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