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Benefits of Drinking Water Before & After Sleep

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Drinking water is beneficial to our body in many ways.

We make things complicated in our life. But there are certain very simple methods if we follow every day, can help us to keep all our health problems (existing or future) at bay.

Drinking adequate water is one of them. 

benefits of drinking water

Drinking water early in the morning:

Drinking water in empty stomach early in the morning is very essential for better metabolism and a balanced health.

One glass of warm water is suggested during the early hours of morning after waking up. Leave some time gap after drinking water for consuming tea or coffee.

The toxins that have been released overnight will be pacified if we practise drinking warm water early in the morning. It also ensures clean digestive system and removes all impurities from the body. 

This way our body is saved from the risks of any possible diseases in the future. This method of drinking water in empty stomach is also a secret to glowing skin.

Drinking water before sleeping at night:

This is based on personal experience.
  • Take 2 glass of water.
  • Heat and bring to boiling state.
  • Let it reduce to half the original quantity and then stop boiling.
  • Allow this hot water to cool down.
  • Drink this one glass of warm water.
  • After this you should not eat or drink anything else.
It has been observed that there is no problem of urinating too in the midnight. Thus, your uninterrupted sleep is also ensured.

These details were shared to my family by an Ayurvedic doctor. It was then we put this method of drinking water into practice.

This way the water is completely absorbed by our system. Next morning every unwanted thing in the body is flushed out. It also helps in easy bowel movements. Thus, this is one of the ways of keeping your body healthy.

More on sipping hot drinking water:

Sipping hot water like the way hot coffee or hot tea is sipped is a remedy for many common body ailments. Note, it is not just warm water; the glass of water should be really very hot in this method of water therapy.
  • If you have been suffering from constipation, then sipping half glass of very-very hot water will solve the problem of difficulty in bowel movements as immediately as possible.
  • Irritating sore throat also gets relief with sipping hot water.
  • The occurrence of frequent allergic cough also can be calmed down by sipping hot water. The cough reduces temporarily giving relief. Of course, the allergy or infection requires more medical attention.
Hoping that this water therapy information based on the personal experience was helpful.

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