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Skin Care Tips from Honey

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Honey, a golden transparent liquid with thick consistency produced and stored by Honeybees in their nest: A rich source of nutrition also an energy booster. The  skin care benefits of raw Honey is amazing.  We can get the charming healthy complexion from the sweetest thing available in the Earth.

I have listed few DIY which I tried.

Skin care from Honey

The honey in the picture is in its purest form without undergoing any filtration or processing. So you can even find small pieces of honey comb in the picture here.  There was a huge Honey Comb right in front of my apartment; I bought this honey from the person who came to remove the Honey Comb.

Honey as a Facial Cleanser:

Mix one spoon of honey with 4 spoons of buttermilk. Rub your face and neck with cotton by dipping into this mixture. This is the best cleanser which removes all dirt and dust maintaining the skin moisturised.

Honey as a Face Mask:

Mix two spoons of Honey with gram floor and milk to make a thick paste. Apply this paste to face and neck and let it dry. Rinse out with warm water. This face mask lightens up the complexion and makes skin supple.

Skin care from Honey

Honey as a Facial Scrub:

Simply Mix a spoon full of honey with sugar and rub all your skin in all directions. If the sugar granules are heavy be careful while rubbing so that it won’t harm your skin. This honey scrub helps opening up the pores and loosening of blackheads.

Honey for tanned Skin:

Mix honey with almond oil and The fullers earth(Multani Mitti). Applying this thick paste thrice in a week lightens the sun tan and pigmented skin.

Skin care from Honey

Honey as an anti wrinkle agent:

Prepare a mixture of Honey, olive oil and lemon juice. Damping your face with liquid daily for 10 minutes prevents stretching and wrinkling of skin.

Honey as a Bleach:

Prepare a mixture of honey , turmeric and yogurt. This paste is a best bleaching agent which fades out skin hairs and adds a glow to your skin. You can also find the skin hairs turning to be golden.

I hope you liked these Beauty Secrets from Honey.

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