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Mee Mee Baby Spoons

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Baby Accessories are the one which has to be chosen very carefully. We have to provide the best baby essentials along with Baby Food. The feeding bottles , utensils and their spoons must be clean ,sterilized and of best quality. You have different brands for Baby Accessories, we have to choose the best accessory from the best brand.

Mee Mee Baby Spoons

I had already shared baby porridges and few healthy smoothies, but for feeding those porridges it is best to use their own spoons. I choose Mee Mee baby spoons which are designed perfectly for their tiny mouth. 

Mee Mee Baby Spoons


The orange and green coloured spoons are very attractive for your child. The spoon attracts them and they enjoy eating time. The shape of the spoon is curvy without any sharp edges. They does not prick or harm the baby gums in any angle also the fibrous spoon is smooth to be touched. It has a long handle which makes Mother’s easy to feed.

Mee Mee Baby Spoons


The main advantage of these spoons when compared to the normal spoons are, these are heat resistant. The color fades or lightens if the Baby food is more than room temperature. So it gives you an indication that the food is too hot to be served to your child. It comes back to its original color when the food reaches the room temperature. Also the brand claims the product to be non toxic.

Look at the picture here.

     Colour at room temperature                                                Colour at high temperatures 
Mee Mee Baby Spoons

This nature of it made me very happy, whenever you are in hurry and if you forget about the temperature, it will caution you.

The price ranges from Rs 180 to Rs 200.

It is available in all baby stores and also in Firstcry.com

Pros of Mee Mee Baby Spoons:

·         A spoon which is perfect for your baby’s mouth.
·         Heat Resistant Fibrous spoon.
·         Smooth and soft ends.
·         Easy grip while feeding your child.

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation:  This product is the one to be bought for your child.

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