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Treacle Moon One Ginger Morning Bath & Shower Gel Review

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Ginger, can that be a fragrance as well? I had never thought of ginger flavor in skin care products or any fragrance. I have only known adding pieces of ginger into the traditional rasams.

Treaclemoon ginger shower gel

I was so surprised to know, even Lush has a fragrance range from ginger. And now, the shower gel of  ginger (duh!). The smell is not fully ginger though. I know how ginger feels in their natural form. So, this shower gel does not smell of fully natural ginger. There is more in it. There seems to be other fruity smells too in it.

Treaclemoon ginger shower gel ingredients

Whatever, as a shower gel, this is sure a winner. It is a good one to wake you up fully from that stretchy yawning morning feel. It is packed with fragrance that makes a shower very enjoyable.

It is a good soapy product that creates enough lather with the hard water of our dear Bangalore too. Easy to wash off too. This does not leave the skin stripped off its moisture. So, the bath makes everything just clean and fresh.

one ginger morning treaclemoon shower gel

The bottle shape reminds me of the The Body Shop products packaging style. Similar style of bottle. The graphics are completely different. These have a solid monotone coloring to the bottle. The color depicts flavour of the product. And the bottle has phrases on it.

Treaclemoon ginger bath & shower gel

One Ginger Morning says.
“Wakey wakey duvet princess… with a gentle yawn she stretched and captured her dream… still warm… today seemed full of endless promise”
 Sounds quite creative with the words.

How to use:
Massage directly onto damp skin whilst showering and rinse or
Pour under running water and have a happy 10 minute soak.

treaclemoon ginger bath and shower gel

Really... a 10 minute soak?! Can you imagine the amount of water needed for a soaking in the bath tub! I envy. I prefer the massaging onto damp skin and shower. For an unscheduled mother like me, a quick soapy rinsing is the best choice.

Rating: 4.5/5

Treaclemoon ginger shower gel swatch

Pros of Treacle Moon One Ginger Morning Bath & Shower Gel:

  • Fragrance is the key to success of this product.
  • Lathers easily with water.
  • Does not strip the skin off its moisture.
  • Awakens the sleepy mood and makes the following hours fresh.
  • Easy to rinse.

Cons of Treacle Moon One Ginger Morning Bath & Shower Gel:

  • Not easily available in India. It was a gift for me.
Recommendation: Yes. If you happen to see these bottles or any other products from Treacle Moon, then definitely you should pick.

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