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The Body Shop Olive Body Butter Review

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I have always liked TBS Body Butters. They are famous for their skin care products. Loads and loads of variety of products.  All natural and seems more or less organic products.
Right now I have Olive body butter in my hand.


Package: A wide tub. I usually use a clean spatula or spoon to remove the product out of the tub. That is how you usually find my product swatches on a spoon. :-P. I like to scoop. Feels like ice cream. The tub is colored green, representing the color of the olive themselves.

Nature: I like the creamy texture. It is not heavily creamy, not too very thin where it cannot moisturize at all. It is the right kind of cream needed for a hot place like mine.

Fragrance: Very sweet in fragrance. Mild, and stays for a good amount of time. The smell feels very soothing when applied.

Moisturizing Capacity: I do not need heavy moisturizer on my skin right now. But little moistirizing is needed right after the bath. All thanks to the type of hard water we have here. So, the texture of this body butter is just the right kind to cool down the hard water washed skin.

Rating: 4/5

Price:  TBS Olive Body Butter is available on flipkart for INR. 1095 for 200 ml

Pros of The Body Shop Olive Body Butter:

·         Great fragrance
·         Soothes the dry skin to a very good extent.
·         Perfect for the hot season.
·         Not heavily thick nor thin.

Cons of The Body Shop Olive Body Butter:

·         Not suitable for very dry skin.
·         Not suitable during peak winters too. (I don’t have anything like peak winters.)

Recommendation: Yes. This is a great product for self caring of the skin. This serves as an all purpose cream.

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