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South Indian Breadfruit Sambar

This is not just a season of Mangoes, this is also a season of Bread Fruits and Jackfruits. I have already done with Bread Fruit dosa and CrispyBread Fruit Chips in the last summer. This time let me share the south Indian style of Bread Fruit Sambar or Rasam. People here in Karnataka even prepare its Pakoda and Papad.

South Indian Bread Fruit Sambar

Ingredients Required:
One medium sized Breadfruit
One cup grated coconut
One spoon coriander seeds
Half spoon cumin seeds
Curry leaves
Red chilli, green chilli
Tamarind water salt to taste.


Wash Bread fruit and slowly peel the outer cover of it using a sharp knife. Since the cover is thick, peeler cannot be used.

Now remove the middle soft seed portion , and slice them.

Boil tamarind water, jaggerry, turmeric , curry leaves , green chilli and salt in a deep vessel. Add the sliced bread fruit and let it boil together until it softens.

South Indian Bread Fruit Sambar

Meanwhile take a mixer jar and blend the grated coconuts, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, curry leaves and red chilli by adding water. Blend to a fine paste.

South Indian Bread Fruit Sambar

Once the breadfruit is softened add the grinded mixture and boil for 5 minutes.  Do not boil for long after adding masala as the coconut might spread its oil contents.

South Indian Bread Fruit Sambar

South Indian Breadfruit Sambar is ready.

South Indian Bread Fruit Sambar

Serve with Hot rice or chapati or roti.

You can either make the sambar watery or thick. It depends on your taste, but for chapatti and roti, the thicker sambar tastes better.

I hope you like this South Indian Recipe.

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