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The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry Review

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The Strawberry and the Raspberry Lip butters have been long reviewed. Now it’s the Blueberry Lip Butter flavour.

The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry

Claims of The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry:
This buttery balm melts onto the lips for instant hydration.
·         Buttery texture
·         Leaves lips feeling soft and smooth
·         Contains blueberry extract

Price and Quantity: Rs 350 for 10ml

My Experience With The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry:

Package: An light purple or almost greyish coloured tub like standard The Body Shop Packing .

The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry

NatureThe name "Lip Butter" perfectly matches to the product. Yes, it is butter like. Soft whitish butter like lip balm which immediately melts when you apply to your lips. When you dip your fingers to its usage, you will find the thick lip balm. But when you rub it to your lips, it’s really a wonder. Within a fraction of a second it dissolves and spreads to your lips. Very small amount is sufficient for moisturizing the lips. No waxy and sticky effect, also the lip balm is very light weighted.  

The thing that disappointed me the most is,  it gives a white shiny colour to your lips L. How much ever light you apply, you will find the shiny white. Suppose you apply more of quantity, then the heavier white shines on your lips, But the shines are not heavy.  So I always apply the lightest balm to avoid the white shimmers.

The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry

This is best product for chapped lips and also a base product for lipsticks.

Mostly I use it alone as I do not want to mix up the wonderful lip balm with the lipsticks and degrade its property J. The lip balm even tastes sweet.

The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry

Fragrance: Very sweet fragrance.

Pros of The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry:

  • Great hydrating property.
  • Heals chapped lips.
  • Very small quantity is sufficient.
  • Light weight non waxy, non sticky lip balm.
  • Soft butter like texture

Cons of The Body Shop Lip Butter Blueberry:

  • The white shimmers are quite irritating for me. I have to take care for the lightest layer to be applied.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation:  This is product for your lips. Apply lightly to avoid white shines.

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