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Home Remedies for Cough and Cold in Children (0 to 3 years)

Cough and Cold are the common chronicle disease found in children, entire round the year, especially in winters and rainy. Even though it is an common problem found in all man kind, we cannot neglect it. Neglecting this small disease might lead into pneumonia and other respiratory disorders. Running to doctors and including antibiotics are not the remedy. If the heavy antibiotics are provided regularly in young ones, there are chances of damages to the immune system and decrease of resisting powers.

Like the way we treat our hair and skin with simple home remedies (or DIY), we also have to feed our children with simple homemade health recipes. I have listed few herbal medicine which are more a “PREVENTION” than “CURE”. The medicine prepared from your garden and kitchen is 100% natural and very effective. These medicines passed on to us from our grandparents are helping you in raising immunity and preventing against the common cold.

Home remedies for cough and Cold in Children

Home remedies for cough and cold (0 to 4 months)

Half spoon Ajwain (Carrom Seeds)
One Indian Borage leaf (sambarballi or dodda patre in kannada)

Home remedies for cough and Cold in Children

Take a clean vessel and add half cup of boiled water.  Now add ajwain and Indian Borage leaf and boil till the water reduces to half.

Home remedies for cough and Cold in Children

Home remedies for cough and Cold in Children

Filter out and Feed this concentrated water to your baby, twice a day.

Home remedies for cough and cold (5 to 12 months)

1 spoon ajwain (Carrom Seeds)
One Indian borage leaf (sambarballi or dodda patre in kannada)
One Tulsi leaf (Holy Basil)
One spoon pepper
Small piece of ginger

Home remedies for cough and Cold in Children

Add all the ingredients to a vessel containing half cup water. Boil till the water decreases to half of the level.

Home remedies for cough and Cold in Children

Home remedies for cough and Cold in Children

Filter out the ingredients and feed the concentrated mixture to your child both morn and night to keep warm.

As your child grows (1 to 3 years) increase the quantity of the ingredients like 2 Indian borage leaves, 2 tulsi leaves, more of ginger and pepper.

Importance of the above mentioned cough and cold home remedy:

  • Indian Borage: The bunch of Indian Borage leaves is juicy. These leaves have lot of medicinal values and prevent whooping coughs and pneumonia in children.
    You can even squeeze out the juice by heating the leaves slightly in a pan and press them using fingers. Collect the juice in a spoon and feed directly to your baby once a day. Also the juice can be applied to your baby’s head after head bath upto to the age of one year to prevent the cold.
  • Ajwain (Carrom Seeds):  The Ajwain or the carom seeds are helpful in overcoming infections and cold. They also are effective in gastric troubles in children including stomach pains.
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil) : Tulsi is the best anti bacterial killing the germs and viruses. This medicinal herb helps in treating all sought of chronic coughs and allergies. It purifies the lungs and respiration in both children and elders.
  • Ginger: Ginger is the best medicine of flu cold in winters and rainy. It helps you to dilute the heavy coughs and makes its way out easily through nostrils without breakage.
  • Pepper:  Pepper provides an herbal treatment for sore throats, irritations and inflammations and keeps your body warm. 
Include this medicine once a day in your child’s diet, even if your child is good at health. They help in raising the resistance power making them internally strong and prevent the occurrence of cold and cough.


Since the spices used are mostly heat producing agents, there are chances of blocking of motion in your child. But there is nothing to worry, simply feed your baby with more of water and milk for cooling down.

Add sugar or jaggery if your child feels spicy.

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