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Libero Baby Wipes Review

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I usually shop all my baby’s essentials in firstcry or babyoye choosing the best offers. This time I had an offer price for Mamy Poko Pants which I shopped for my son. Within two days I received, but along with the pants, I received a free gift of Libero Baby wipes, a pack of 20 pieces. Earlier I had received Libero diapers and now it’s their wipes.

Libero Baby Wipes

Claims of Libero Baby Wipes:
With its skin friendly natural ingredients, Baby wipes by Libero are safe and comfortable for baby's tender skin. Features: -Enriched with olive oil -Contains moisturizing ingredients -Safeguards your baby's healthy skin -Free from colouring and alcohol -For superior hygiene and quality -Pack of 20 wipes -Age group: 0 to 2 years

Price and Quantity:
Rs 59 for 20 pieces


Libero Baby Wipes

My Experience With Libero Baby Wipes:

Package:  A rectangular shaped pack covered with thick opaque plastic. It has a opening at the centre for the wipes outlet. The opening can be glued back after use.
Continuous usage might decrease the power of glue.

Libero Baby Wipes

Texture: The wet tissue is soft, thin and too hydrated. The scented water oozes out when touched. It does not harm or cause any baby rashes.

Nature: These light weighted watery wipes helps to clean the entire genital area and is hygiene too. I sometimes even clean my baby’s neck. Size of the wipes is well enough for one usage. The
These wipes are helpful mostly while travelling after disposing the used diapers. No infections or any baby allergies.  The wipes has so much of moisturizing agents that I did not find the use of any baby lotions after usage.

Libero Baby Wipes

The opening at the center of the pack should always be sealed after use, else dirt and dust particles sticks to the wipes and also the wipes gets dried away when exposed to air.
At the economic point of view, it’s almost more than 2 Rs for one piece, a bit costlier when compared to other available baby wipes. But quality wise , Libero is the best.

Fragrance: Sweet fragrance making your child fresh.

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation:  Yes , soft tender wipes for your delicate baby skin.

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