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The Doy Bath Soap Review : Baby Soap

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The Doy Baby soap available in four different attractive shapes ( duckling, teddy bear, elephant, King Samba)  rich in moisture's and natural oils suiting your baby’s skin.  The pack of four has exciting offers in firstcry here.

The Doy Bath Soap

  • Characters- King Samba, Lucky Duck, Cuddly Teddy , Mighty Mambo
  • Enriched with olive oil which is rich in Vitamin E
  • Contains gentle moisturizers
  • Suitable for children of all ages
The Doy Bath Soap

Price and Quantity:
Rs 35 for 75 gm


The Doy Bath Soap

My Experience With Doy King Samba Soap:

Package:  It comes in normal hard paper box. The soap is light yellow colored with the shape of lion cub (King Samba). The look and the feel of the soap is attractive and colorful. It had a small booklet with pictures and puzzles for the young ones from within the pack.

Texture: Milky cream soap and has mild foams.

Nature: Mild soap and provides rich lather easily. I usually prefer giving an oil bath to my son as the weather here peels off the baby skin too. This soap smoothly glides on your baby’s skin making you easy to wipe the oil and sweat. Usually there is an difficulty in removing oil from your baby’s skin. But I found easy using this Doy soap.

The Doy Bath Soap

I sometimes when in a hurry even use it as a baby hair wash, it cleans the hair scalp too. The bubbles are not tearful making your child enjoy the bath place.  Also the shape of the soap resembling the lion creates interest in watching it.  

Fragrance: Very mild and long staying fragrance.

Rating:  4/5

Recommendation: Yes recommended to all young ones.

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