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12 Things & Ideas To Dress Up Baby As Lord Krishna

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Krishna Janmashtami, a festival that marks the birth of Lord Krishna is the most awaited festival throughout India.

The main excitement for parents is dressing up the little ones as Lord Krishna. Children indeed are representation of Almighty himself.

Krishna Ashtami fancy dress competition held by various service organizations also get an overwhelming response from parents and kids.

ideas to dress as krishna

The year of 2014 witnessed Aug 18th as Krishna Janmashtami celebration. The panchanga (traditional/religious hindu calendar) marks another celebration in the month of September 2014 in 
Udupi Shri Krishna Matha.

Being a follower of the Udupi Matha traditions, we here are all eager to celebrate this festival once again.

The major celebrations of Vittala Pindi, Muddu Krishna Spardhe (Competion), Bala Krishna Spardhe; all are yet to happen at the land of Udupi.

We here have few ideas on how to dress your baby as Lord Krishna.

Some simple tips while preparing to dress up your baby:

  • Make sure your baby’ tummy is filled well.
  • Also make sure your baby/child have had enough sleep.
  • Do not over do the decorations.
  • Cancel off any of the accessory if your child shows irritation in wearing it. Forcing your idea might ruin the entire costume and dressing up.
  • Keep everything as simple as possible.
  • Lord Krishna is usually represented in Neela Varna (dark complexion). Do not attempt to change the skin colour of your baby. Applying color on skin, face and body might react badly on the tender skin.
  • Babies look like Lord himself with just a crown and a dhoti. So, keep it easy and minimum.

Ideas on how to dress up your baby as Lord Krishna:

Firstly collect all the accessories and other decorative items. Here is a list of to do things.

Dhoti: You can drape a silk dhoti yourself.

ready crown krishna

Or else buy readily available dhotis. They are available in plenty of varieties and colours. It is easy to make your child wear a ready-made dhoti and easy to manage too.

krishna costume - dhoti

Crown: Make your own crown by sewing some gold threaded zardosi borders to a piece of cloth. Add some additional hanging to the cloth to enhance the look of the homemade cloth crown.

krishna online costume

Or you can buy blingy cardboard crown that are easily available in fancy market shops. They come with threads to tie around the tiny head of the babies. Make sure you pick a right one. The beautifying material on the crown should not irritate your child. Especially the long hanging accessories should be avoided.

Another easy method is not to use any crown. Tie a small pony at the top or near the side. Surround the tiny pony with a pearl step chain or a gold chain. Fix the peacock feather to the hair with the help of a rubber band.

peacock feather krishna costume

Peacock Feather: Baby Krishna dressing up is totally incomplete with out the peacock feather. Attach a bright beautiful peacock feather on the top of the crown. The feather can be easily stapled or stitched.

Flute: Lord Krishna is famous for his sweet music through his flute. Decorate a flute in gold sheets or any other bling cover. You can also add hanging pearl accessories to the flute. Babies and toddlers begin to play with these accessories and it is a very blissful sight.

how to dress baby like krishna

Butter Pot: Decorate your own pot with color or velvet papers. Add shining decorative items to the pot. You can also buy a readymade pot which are on sale exclusive during Krishna Janmashtami festive season.

how to dress baby as lord krishna

Waist accessories: Waist accessrories are optional. For crawling babies this can be skipped. For toddlers and older children the waist belt or chains look very attractive along with the traditional dhoti costume.

Hand and arm accessories: Bangles and rakhis do the perfect job of accessorizing the tiny hands. For arms, you may go for armlets (baju bandh). They add to the extra beauty of the entire attire.

Anklets: Anklets have been a part of our tradition from ages. Why should baby Krishna miss the enjoyment of the tingling anklets?

Chains/necklace/garlands: It is your preference how you would like to choose your Baby Krishna’s accessories. You may go for multiple chains or necklaces. All gold or some beaded. Or you can even go for floral garland without any other ornaments for the neck.

flute krishna fancy dress

Ear accessories: If possible use hanging earrings or small danglers suitable for your child’s ear holes. Else, use a huge traditional circular bindi. Since they are adhesive, it is easy to stick them to your child’s ears. You can also opt for fancy bindis.

Face Makeup: By makeup we mean, few of the decorations that can be done to portray the image of Lord Krishna. A nama is a must. Draw an elongated tilak nama on the forehead. You may apply circular kajal dots on the cheeks or chin or near the corners of the eyes.

Use the regular kohl/kajal that you have been using for your baby on daily basis.  Do not apply any color based cosmetics to your child. They might create skin problems later on. Donot paint your baby in blue body paint.

Shirt Top or Topless: A traditional zardosi brodered shirt or blouse can be worn on top of the dhoti; or you can opt for a topless dhoti & accessories look too.

So, how are you planning to get your baby dressed. Get collecting with the right kind of accessories for your child.

It is an opportunity for every mother to play the role of Maiiyya Yashoda on this festive occasion.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami !!

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