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How To Give a Perfect Baby Bath

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A baby’s routine includes just three matters; Baby Food, Baby Shower Bath and Baby nap. If the three are provided in a right manner, you will watch your child smiling and laughing throughout the day.  Of the three, usually babies enjoy the hot water bath. They enjoy the splashing and sprinkling of water like we elders sometimes enjoy the first rain of the monsoon.


It is also a Parent’s job to make your baby’s bath a water play area so that they enjoy their fullest. I came into charge of my son’s bathing from his third month, up to which my elders were responsible. I enjoyed this job more than my baby J

But what is so important in a Baby bath? Here are the importance and few tips and cautions of my sole experience during Baby Bath.

Importance of Baby Bath:
  • Baby Bath accompanied with Oil massage is very important for the growth of their muscles and bones. Also since your baby is always at the sitting or sleeping position, they are sometimes prone to back and hip aches. So when hot water bath is showered , it relaxes your baby and that’s the reason they have a sound nap after bath.
  • When it comes to the part of hygiene , their chin and neck always has drips of milk or any eatables or even the sweat. These cause itchy rashes within no time.
  • Small children urinate and pass motion after every feeding. Even though you use medicated wipes for cleaning, it is always a good practise to water the genital areas for good health.
  • Suppose you are in a cold area and afraid to give a regular bath to your baby, then the alternate to be followed is giving a hot sponge bath. You can even dip a clean soft towel in hot warm and pat your baby’s body.
After discussing the importance of Baby bath, let me list down the things to be arranged before starting your Baby’s shower.

Things required for Baby Bath.
  • Try to keep the bath area warm. Close all the windows and slide the doors so that your baby does not feel cold while undressed.
  • Test the temperature of water before shower. Pouring high temperature water might be a risk to baby’s skin.
  • Never offer bath, when you are alone. It is a safe practise to give a baby bath at the presence of your family member.
  • Baby Bath essentials like Baby soap, Baby shampoo, Baby oil , Baby cream and a Clean bath towel should be reachable. You can also keep a toy beside, to make him play if he cries during bath.
  • You can either make your baby sleep on your stretched legs and give a bath or you can even use a baby bath tub. If you use a bath tub, maintain its cleanliness.
Baby Bath Products

When all the above mentioned essentials are ready, now the caution to be taken when you provide baby bath.

Cautions for Baby Bath:
  • Do not leave your baby alone even for a minute in the bath area. This action has life risks of your child.
  • Do not search for bath products after starting the bath process.
  • If you are using a bath tub, do not dip the baby fully at once. Make a slow process in dipping your child so that your baby gets aware of its shower.  In a bath tub your baby has lot of opportunity to drink water and also water flow inside ears and nose.
  • If you opt a method of making your baby sleep on your stretched legs, slowly pour water starting from legs continuing to neck. Here again take care of water entering the nose and ears.
  • Even though the baby soaps are mild, avoid contact with eyes.
  • Always offer good support to baby’s neck while bath.
  • Sing a song or talk to your child to him smile and enjoy his bath. Wrap a clean cloth immediately after bath to avoid catching cold.
  • Pass your baby to your family member standing beside as there are chances of you slipping down through the wet and oily floor.
What to do After Baby Bath?
  • If you are in a coastal area or any high temperature cities, then powder your baby’s arms, neck and thighs to avoid heat boils. Do not dust the powder which might cause infections to your child, sprinkle to your palm and apply using fingers.
  • If you are in a cold dry area, then apply a baby moisturizer to avoid drying and peeling of baby skin.
  • Feed your baby either with mother’s milk or the cow’s milk , wrap a diaper and give him a nap.
Your baby with relaxed clean body and filled tummy sleeps soundly for hours together.

I hope you liked this informative post.

Happy Child rearing!

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