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5 Safe Fluids During Pregnancy

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Fluid consumption during pregnancy plays a vital role for mother and baby’s health both post and pre delivery. I have already discussed the importance of water here. Apart from water there are few mandatory fluids during the Pregnancy cycle.

Here is a list of  must consume drinks during pregnancy:

Tender Water:  
Tender water hordes lots of nutrients and essential fibers for baby’s growth and development.  It is the best coolant for the Pregnant Body which reduces all the heat developed and excess sweaty calming down the body temperature.

Tender water is a best treatment for Digestive disorders like stomach infections and acidity also the urinary tract infections commonly found during pregnancy. Store the water in a bottle and empty it before the day ends. Avoid drinking at late evenings as it might catch cold. Do not store the water in refrigeration, try to consume fresh. 

Tender Water

Milk is a rich source of calcium and vitamins which are the essential nutrients for both baby and mother’s health.  Let not the milk be too fat which might lead to obesity in both baby and mother. Consume moderate fatness milk 3 glass a day.


Fruit and Vegetable Juice:
Freshly squeezed fruit juices or boiled vegetable extracts provide you the wholesome food. It may be apple, sweet lime or orange juices, and in case of vegetables extracts of fresh carrots, cucumbers, and leafy veggies are the best choice. They provide hydration, nutrition and freshness for body and mind.

One glass of fresh juice in the day time is perfect for a pregnant diet. Let not the juice be more sweetened as there are chances of high sugar levels during Pregnancy.

Fresh Fruits and vegetables

Lemon Juice: 
The citric lemon juice is best for vomiting or the nausea tic sensation. Also reduces headaches and morning sickness. Here again do not add more of sugar amounts. One glass of Lemon juice consumption is sufficient.

Yogurt or Buttermilk:
Yogurt contains rich fats and calcium. If you are lean and weak consumption of yogurt is preferred for boozing strength and energy. Otherwise the churned milk or the buttermilk which has the same content of yogurt expect for the fat is preferred. Both are the best digestive drinks.



Do not consume all the above listed fluids in a single day. Make a Calendar and drink them all alternatively throughout a week.  If you find any disorders after consumption of above mentioned fluids, Skip them and continue the others.

Do not avoid fluids thinking you have to visit bathroom lots of numbers. The more you drink the more you release out toxic and far you are from pregnancy risks.

Unsafe Fluids during Pregnancy:

Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol might cause permanent mental and physical syndromes in the fetus.

Caffeinated Drinks: Strong Coffees or Teas which usually provide you the kicks early in the morning should be totally avoided as they increase body temperature which might lead to rise in the blood pressure level.

Soda or Preservative Drinks: These soft drinks contain loads of chemicals to avoid spoilage which may affect the growth of fetus. 

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