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Patanjali Amla Hair Oil Review

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Amla is a well known ingredient for hair care. Patanjali is a brand that has been popular in India with their natural products. 

Patanjali Amla Hair Oil

Patanjali Amla Hair Oil is a product from the similar line. Very budget friendly and very efficient on hair and scalp.

Price: Rs. 40 for 100 ml

The package is interesting if compared to other hair products from Patanjali.

The plastic bottle is hexagonal in shape with a green screw cap. The cap also is flip – able on top. Patanjali hair oil bottles were never so earlier. This oil also comes in an outer carton with details of the product.

Amla Hair Oil Patanjali

The fragrance is great. It is relaxing and stays for long. The fragrance does not wear off as long as the oil is there on the scalp/hair.

The texture is not too very sticky. It does not feel thick too. Applying throughout the scalp is easy. Hair does not feel over-oily too.

Patanjali Amla HairOil

The oil nourishes the hair to a great extent. It also reduces the dryness in the scalp. I have experienced this. This oil might be helpful for dandruff too, as amla is considered to be the best friend of hair.

The carton explains to massage the hair oil to the scalp and also on the hair strands. Leave for half an hour before washing. 

Patanjali Amla Oil Ingredients

My way of using is to apply the oil to the scalp and leave it overnight. Next morning apply some more oil to the scalp and hair and wash off after one hour. I use Patanjali Kesh 

Kanti Milk Protein Hair Cleanser in combination with this hair oil.

A soft and smooth hair can definitely be enjoyed on using Patanjali hair products.

Patanjali Amla Hair Oil Swatch

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: Yes. Patanjali Amla Hair Oil is highly recommended for hair care and treating major hair or scalp problems.

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