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Lush Porridge Soap Review

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If you are very fond of fresh scents then LUSH is where you should look for. I am a fan of Lush products these days; unfortunately when they are not in India. I don’t know what I was doing when they were here in India, guess living under the rocks.

Presenting to you all the Lush Porridge Soap.

LUSH Handmade porridge soap

I must first speak about its smell. It is yummmmmmm... really yummm. It smell like a vanilla snack bar with tiny bits of crunchy caramel. Cannot resist, but the fact is, it is soap. The first sniff will make you use it immediately.

LUSH Handmade cosmetics porridge soap

To look at, it is a little different. The soap is soft and creamy to look with bits of oats to scrub the dead skin away. There are lot and lots of them which will help to scrub the skin while bath.

Lush soap porridge soap

You have to use this soap very carefully. Hurried bathing with this one will definitely make you complain about skin being scratched. If you have just 3 or 4 minutes for bath, then do not take the trouble of using this soapy porridge. Wet the soap, also wet your skin. Then tenderly rub the bar along with slow motions.  You can enjoy every bit if the soap.

LUSH porridge soap

However, the bits of oats keep dropping themselves off the soap and the skin too. Just splash some water and clean off.

porridge soap Lush

Lush uses several moisturizing and aroma oils in their products. This handmade porridge soap is no different. Hence, this is prone to dissolving in a jiffy of time. So, take care not to keep this soap wet throughout. Dab a tissue or a towel on the soap to keep it as dry as possible after bath.  Keep in a perforated soap tray and not in the fully closed tin.

Rating: 4/5

Pros of Lush Porridge Soap:
  • Amazing scent
  • Feels irresistibly edible.
  • Does not leave the skin dry
  • Gently scrubs off the dead skin.
Cons of Lush Porridge Soap:
  • Oats bits granules can be scratchy if not used properly.
  • The granules bits keep dropping while bath.
  • The entire soap melts super fast.
  • The soap has to be mandatory kept as dry as possible after bath.
Recommendation: Yes. Fully recommended Lush product that makes one enjoy the fresh fragrance and gives a luxurious pampering bath. Don’t expect the bits of oats to do magic. But the mould that binds these oats granules is amazing and worth all the fall-out trouble you may find due to the granules. It also feels like melted ice cream on the skin.

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