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Lego Duplo Building Blocks Set Review

Building blocks are a very important toy for a child. They influence the development of skill, activity, concentration, and focus at a very tender age of a baby.

Lego is famous for variety of building blocks. There are various types of building elements. The elements help in building unique concept, the way a child’s brain imagines.

lego building bloacks set

Here is one such set of Lego building blocks

The set contains few interesting units like door/window, rabbit, flowers, a tiny girl who can either sit or stand. It also has couple of blocks with number 1 to 3. 

lego todler building block

The fixing of the blocks to one another is superb. It isn’t tight or loose. Easy handling for children of all ages, especially for baby of 1 year age too. The material used in making these blocks units is of a very superior quality. It is not brittle.The size is medium-big such that it is easy for kids to pick up.

building blocks toddler

The blocks come in a large plastic box. It also comes with a booklet which gives ideas of how to create simple and easy creations. It is equally fun to sit with your toddler and play with building blocks.

lego blocks booklet

The joy in making huge house like structure and the fun in creating tiny creations with just 2 of the elements; all add a lot of fun

lego creations

There are a variety of sets for different age groups available online. Some are theme based suitable for girls and boys separately.

Recommendations: Yes. Buy a starter set of building blocks from Lego. You will know how good the quality is and how easy it is to handle while playing.

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