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Lush Sugar Scrub Body Scrub Review

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Lush is a name famous for its kitchen made products. Also the fragrance takes top place in their products.

This is a review of Lush Sugar Scrub Body Scrub.

Lush Sugar Scrub Body Scrub

The smell is herbal and feels healing. The color is green. And there are sugar particles throughout. The sugar granules are bound together to form a dome shaped - half hemisphere.

There is aromatic oil involved in this scrub. So, if this scrub is used on the dry skin, it will be moisturizing enough due to the oily texture.

lush hand made sugar scrub

Lush Sugar Scrub

This scrub cannot be used fully as it is. It is suggested to break into bits and use accordingly when needed. 

If you use a big chunk for scrubbing, obviously there would be some amount left. This will melt down and is surely a waste. So take only the amount needed with dry hands and use on body. 

Rub-rub-rub, as much as you need. The oil in it softens the skin and can be easily washed away. The skin feels soft and well moisturized. I don’t follow with any of the body wash or soap. I don’t even use body lotions after bath. For bath I use warm water.

Lush Sugar Scrub BodyScrub

This is indeed a good scrub, cleanser and moisturizer too.

Apart from the fact that storing it is a little tricky, I like all the features of this scrub. It needs to be protected from moisture else it will melt down and can never be used.

Rating: 4/5

Price: $6.25. It is not easily available in India now. Although there are some mentions of INR 350 for 100 g piece.

Sugar Scrub Body Scrub Lush

Pros of Lush Sugar Scrub Body Scrub:
  • Great aroma of the scrub, feels herbal
  • Has oil in it which helps moisturizing the skin.
  • Scrubbing is mild and the granules dissolve very soon.
  • The sugar granules do not harm the skin.
  • Cleanses the skin well and makes it soft.
Cons of Lush Sugar Scrub Body Scrub:
  • The scrub has to be protected from moisture.
  • Slightest moisture will dissolve the granules and the whole product will melt down.
Recommendation: Yes. Store it in a air tight container and you can definitely enjoy this body scrub to the fullest.

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